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Our vision

A world where building low-maintenance natural spaces for sport and leisure is easy and sustainable.

Big Cedar Lodge, Top of the Rock, Ridgedale, Missouri

Big Cedar Lodge, Ridgedale, Missouri

Our Mission

Provide sustainable, durable and trouble-free greens and grounds for sport and leisure

What we do

We improve the performance and optimize playing conditions for sport grounds

​​We are a technology company whose patented innovations are enabling golf courses, sports grounds, and other leisure spaces like city parks to build long-lasting and low maintenance greens, bunkers and grounds.

Controlling the water, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels for various soil profiles in these spaces is a major challenge. Our  proprietary CapillaryFlow technology offers a simple solution that ensures optimal moisture levels and good drainage regardless of the weather conditions.

Capillary Material is the common factor across most of our solutions including Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Hydroponics, and Capillary Geothermal. It is a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete that is the only building material that can move water both up and down to precisely regulate the moisture content of any adjacent material, such as sand or soil.

Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass

Vision: Central Station, Gothenburg, Sweden


From golf courses to sports fields, equestrian arenas and city squares

​​Over the last 15 years, our innovations have transformed the way the golf industry constructs bunkers and greens. It was but natural for us to progress into adjacent fields.

We understand the challenges of constructing, maintaining and regulating moisture levels in golf courses, sports fields, equestrian arenas and city parks and squares. Everything we develop is tested in real-life situations – over and over again. We work with some of the most advanced laboratories in the world to develop the best and most effective solutions for our customers.

Build beautiful, sustainable & playable greens & spaces


Martin Sternberg, CGCS, invents Capillary Concrete


The first installations are made and patents are filed


First US office location established. Capillary is selected for the 2018 Ryder Cup and 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris


Total international distributors now 10 and installations in 25 countries


A hydroponic system to grow natural grass without soil is invented and patented

First installation of Capillary Hydroponics with water savings of 85% documented.


Acquires Equestrian Footings company in Wellington, Florida. First equestrian installation with Capillary Hydroponics


Capillary Wash Box is invented and patents are filed


First installation of Capillary Baseball


Capillary Edge & Capillary Geothermal is invented and patents are filed. Large scale R&D project at Michigan State University is launched for Capillary Hydroponics where initial results show 85% water savings

Our story

In 2009, CapillaryFlow founder Martin Sternberg invented Capillary Concrete™ – a patented polymer-based concrete that is the only building material that moves water both up and down, regulating the moisture content of any adjacent material, such as sand or soil.

Over the next decade, this invention, now known as the Capillary Material, has laid the foundation for the development of Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Hydroponics, Capillary Wash-Box, Capillary Edge and Capillary Geothermal, all of which leverage the Capillary Material’s innate moisture control properties to offer customized solutions for different scenarios in golf courses, sporting arenas and cityscapes.

Sternberg, a self-confessed golf course nerd, comes from a family of golf geeks. He started playing golf at the age of 7, is a Class A PGA Professional, and a Certified Golf Course Superintendent.

One might wonder how did a golf geek go on to become an inventor?

For the complete story of how Sternberg’s love for golf and golf courses and (and an encounter with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore) inspired him to create Capillary Material, Capillary Bunkers and Capillary Hydroponics click on the link below.

We are experienced hands who love to dig deep into soil, grass and sand

Our board of directors include experienced turf professionals, and Certified Golf Course Superintendent Martin Sternberg. We have an amazing administrative team in Florida and sales & installations representatives all over the world.

Andrew Rico

Volumetric Truck Operator

Brad Funk, MBA

Business Controller

Brandy Laymon

Staff Accountant

Carl Folkesson

Product Development Officer

Cory Blair

Sales & Business Development Manager

David Hardesty

Head of Sales, US & Canada

Greg Nichols

National Sales Manager U.S.

Hunter Smith

Operations Manager

James Smith

Sales & Installations Manager, Canada

Joe Limberg

Vice President, North America

Johan Setteryd

Chief Operating Officer

Kneale Diamond

Sales Manager, EMEAA

Louise Torgersen

Equestrian Manager

Martin Sternberg , CGCS

Founder & CEO

Nick Bruce

Construction Manager

Niklas Svantesson

Sales & Installations Manager, Canada

Pia Sternberg

Senior Equestrian Advisor

Scott Grego

Sales & Installation Manager, West U.S. & CaSA

We are Globally present

Our solutions have been installed in more than 1,500 venues in 47 countries across the world


Gothenburg, Sweden

US Office

Wellington, Florida

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Lower environmental impact

We take pride in providing a proprietary technology that gives natural surfaces superior drainage, moisture control and increased durability.

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