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Greens, tees, Bunkers and Fairways

Build world-class tees, greens and bunkers

Give your golf course the aesthetic upgrade you’ve always wanted

Our proprietary CapillaryFlow solutions makes it possible to precisely regulate subsurface moisture levels as well as rapidly drain bunkers, tees and greens ensuring the course looks beautiful every time, as well as give players a consistent playing experience no matter where they are.

case studies

Trusted by some of the world’s highest ranked golf courses

Marrakech, Morocco

Royal Golf de Marrakech

Royal Golf de Marrakech

All bunkers installed in-house

Kevinge, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Golfklubb

Stockholms Golfklubb

Horshoe Bay, Texas

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Two Courses are currently installed with Capillary Bunkers, Apple Rock and Summit Rock from 2018.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Four out of seven courses installed between 2017 and 2019 (Apache, Renegade, Chiricahua and No. 7)

Silvas, Illinois

TPC Deere Run

TPC Deere Run

Noblesville, Indiana

The Sagamore Club

The Sagamore Club

3,5 acres of bunkers on the course

Norwalk, Iowa

Echo Valley Country Club

Echo Valley Country Club

All three courses completed between October2021 and October 2022 (Vale, Ridge, & Creek)

San Martin, California

Cordevalle Golf Club

Cordevalle Golf Club

188,000square feet of bunkers (4.3 acres)

Big Cedar Lodge, Top of the Rock, Ridgedale, Missouri

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri

Superior performance

A consistent playing experience throughout the golf course

By enabling the growth of healthy turfgrass and regulating perfect moisture levels in sand bunkers, CapillaryFlow solutions make it possible for players to enjoy a consistent golfing experience all year round.

Increased durability of tees and greens
Longer lifespan of bunker sand
Extended season
Consistent playability
Our products & solutions

We provide an ecosystem of solutions that are easy to install and maintain

Capillary Bunker Liners

Capillary Bunker Liners

Build bunkers with the right playing characteristics

Capillary Hydroponic greens, tees and fairways

Hydroponic greens, tees and fairways

Grow stronger high-performance grass

Sustainable cart paths

Construct durable surfaces that drain well and last long

The magic formula

Greens, Tees and Fairways

Capillary Hydroponics

Capillary Hydroponics solutions enable the growth of stronger grass with deeper root zones.

Better for the environment

Prevents leaching of pesticides and fertilizers by utilizing an enclosed system and impermeable liner.

Moving water table

The moving water table increases gas exchange by up to 6000% maximizing aerobic conditions creating deeper roots and stronger grass.

Adjustable playing characteristics

Subsurface moisture control makes it possible to regulate the performance and playing characteristics.

Total drainage control

Adjustable water table depth setting allows for the control of excess moisture.

bunker Liners

Subsurface moisture control

Sand stays at perfect moisture levels, keeping bunkers looking pristine.

Capillary Wash Box

Easy to renew bunker sand to look fresh and clean with the Capillary Wash Box.

Consistent playability

Just the right sand depth in accordance with the soil moisture release curve.

Superior drainage

Superior drainage through Capillary Material ensures no standing water and allows for playable conditions immediately after a storm.

Durable courses all year round, with decreased maintenance cost

Durable courses all year round, with decreased maintenance cost and 85% less water consumption
85% reduction in water consumption

Up to 85 % less water consumption

Use nearly 50% less fertilizers with Capillary Hydroponics

Up to 50% less fertilizers and pesticides

Automated watering and maintenance

Capillary Edge by CapillaryFlow
Total drainage control

No more sitting water in fairways, greens or bunkers

CapillaryFlow solutions drain water with a capacity of 100 inches per hour, keeping grass, sand and players happy.

No waterlogged bunkers
No sand migration
All weather-proof course
Avoid clogging of drainage pipes
Natural water disposal
Works with any slope
Lower environmental impact

Better for the players, better for the environment

Reduced water consumption and use of fertilizers and pesticides along with the possibility to wash bunker sand, drastically lowers the environmental impact of golf courses.

85% reduction in water consumption

85 % less water than over-head irrigation

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides

Wash and reuse bunker sand with Capillary Wash Box

Bunk sand is washable & reusable

50% less fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow solutions

50 % less fertilizers and pesticides

48% less maintenance when building bunkers with Capillary Material

48 % less maintenance


Our customers love us

Whitecraigs Golf Club

Whitecraigs Golf Club

Not a brilliant morning weather wise, but delighted at how the course has held up to an inch of rain since we left yesterday.  Greens drainage and capillary concrete bunkers are performing well.

Headland Golf Club

Ben Tilley

When 38mm “floggs down” overnight & 55mm over 3 days & then you come in to find your decision making, choices of product and planning have been vindicated 😎😎😎

Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Peter Downie

Clearwater Bay Hong Kong after Super Typhoon I rest my case for Ecobunker & Cappilary Concrete use 👍👏👏

Ayla Golf Club

Atilla Demisroy

“Keeping the white silica bunker sand and the orange/brown desert sand separate is essential if bunker performance is to be maintained, and this requires a quality liner. We need separation to keep the integrity of our bunkers. CapillaryFlow was the only option to fix this”

Oakwing Golf Club

Kyle Swart

“Before we started, around fifty per cent of our bunkers simply didn’t drain,” he says. “In the first three months after we renovated, we had 22 inches of rain–we went from an incredibly dry summer to an incredibly wet winter. There is not a bunker out there that has held water or washed out, or retained any silt. They have been the best addition to this golf course.

We are going to save $50-70,000 a year just on labour from the new bunkers, and there will be another $12-15,000 from not having to replace sand. For us, that is a big, big difference.

St. Joseph CC

Wyatt Burnett

In case you wanted to see capillary concrete vs 17 year old bunker solutions. It nots a fair fight at all! These bunkers are about 100 yards apart. #capilaryconcrete

Clearwater Bay Golf

Peter John Downie

After 250mm of rain, no washout, no nothing. The Bunkers we didn't redo, a complete mess. Washed out, right down to the sand mat, completely depressing for the staff. After this, we will redo all our bunkers with Capillary

Knightsbrook Golf Resort

if every bunker in the golf course had Capillary, it would make life so much easier.

Newnan Country Club

Andy Scott

We’ve had three big rainstorms – three inches overnight – since we finished the installation, and we have come in the following morning and found little or no washouts in our new bunkers,” says Scott. “Member reaction has been great. I’m getting compliments every single day about how they look and play. It’s probably too early to say this is the best decision of my life, but I’m pretty close to it.

The Club at Gettysvue

Jeff Dudych

During my travels I’ve seen all the liners and from talking to my colleagues, it was clear that the Capillary Bunkers stood up the best.

Wakefield Plantation Country Club

Todd Lawrence

I like the fact that the concrete is a homogenous two inch layer. Other products seemed to depend much more on the contractor to get the consistency and depth of the product right. With Capillary Bunkers, I knew that as long as it came out of the truck properly mixed, it would give me that solid two inch layer.

Sarabay Country Club

Carlyle Merring

We had ten inches of rain over the course of thirty days in June, and seven of those inches came down in two days,” says golf course superintendent Carlyle Merring. “The bunkers stood up to it really well. We don’t have a problem with them washing out. The integrity of the product is holding strong – not failing in any sort of way, and the bunkers are functioning really well. Generally we can get our bunkers back in play in one morning after a big rain event.

Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Heath Allen

We want to do this one time and not have to worry about going back in to replace anything. And the Capillary sytem is very easy to install – there are very few restrictions about suitable weather, or time of day, and so on.

Cuscowilla Country Club

Jarrod Clark

After 20 years of weathering and maintenance our bunkers were in need of renovation. We have a natural style of bunkering and wanted to keep that look intact while installing new sand and drainage. Using Capillary Concrete on our steep faces allowed us to stabilize and drain the bunkers while keeping the design and look intact. We have experienced less washouts and better playability since the Capillary Concrete installation. Our members have been very happy with the consistency of the new bunkers that are now playable sooner after heavy rainfall

Flying Horse Club

Phil Smith

I have had great experiences with Capillary Concrete, so it was an easy decision for this project. I have found the Capillary Concrete to deliver very good results in terms of sand quality, and the easy of installation just closes the deal as far as i’m concerned. I really can’t say enough about it.

Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb

Agne Strom

I dug up the sand today in one of our bunkers. I am turning it into a chipping area by green #7. After 3 trouble-free seasons and 2 winters I can testify of zero damage to my Capillary Concrete. I strongly recommend this product.

Never a wash-out. I spend about 10 hours per week on my 45 bunkers

University of Texas Golf Club

Tyler Andersen

As a staff, we needed to find a way to retain moisture in the faces of the bunkers so golf shots would hit and release to the bottoms of the bunker.

The Preserve Golf Club

Steven Miles

All of our bunkers were completely redone with Capillary Concrete back in 2014. We got 100 inches of rain the last 2 years and for the last 4 to 5 years we have not had to replace any sand. We have less labor fixing washouts… we have to rake our bunkers fewer times… so it saves us a substantial amount of money for labor.

We have not had to repair our bunkers at all, and, incredibly, the original sand is still in them,” Miles says. “Since 2014, I have bought one truckload of sand, and that was for the bunker in our chipping green – which gets blasted out by players. Our bunkers have flashed sand faces, but our minimal washout issues only occur where water actually flows into the bunkers. When we get a big rain – and eight to ten inches of rain is not uncommon – we have to wait for the drainage infrastructure underneath the bunkers to catch up with the bunkers’ ability to move water. But it always does, and then the crew can prepare the bunkers for play again.

Avondale Golf Club

David Warwick

We have recently made the huge decision to renovate all the bunkers at Avondale Golf Club, utilizing Capillary Concrete™ as the primary bunker liner and the patent pending drip line irrigation technique on the steeper faces. We are extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the product.

Palmetto Golf Club

Brooks Blackburn

It’s been a game changer for us.

Mount Vintage Golf Club

Rodney Crow

Since installing Capillary Bunkers, we are seeing superior conditions, the moisture levels seem to be staying right where we need them — never too dry or too wet — and our members have absolutely raved about them. The difference between our Capillary Bunkers and the ones we haven’t renovated yet is night and day.

Le Golf National, Paris, France

Alejando Reyes

We have selected Capillary Bunkers with special Light Weight Aggregates based on the outstanding performance and strength of the material. After several tests and on site evaluations, it is the best adapted product to our renovation project in order to produce a world class golf venue

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