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American football FIELDS

Outstanding Football Fields ​for Top Level Performance​

A safe and durable natural grass surface optimized for player health & performance

Capillary Hydroponics is an automated system for growth of premium grass that gives you complete control over turf quality

Extreme durability and improved uptime

The world’s strongest grass, designed for intensive use

Our system is specifically designed to grow grass that can withstand high traffic and tough games, with virtually no effect on the grass from player shoe traction & impacts, or other stadium events

Stronger and healthier turfgrass
Less winter damage
Rapid establishment and reduced grow-in time
Consistent playability


Improved uptime

Improve the uptime of your stadium

Compared to soil-grown grass and other solutions, Capillary Hydroponics doesn’t need as frequent replacements of the grass and can be used more often, for longer

Turf replacement
Optimal performance in all climates and environments

Play no matter the weather or geography

Compared to soil-grown grass and other solutions, Capillary Hydroponics doesn’t need as frequent replacements of the grass and can be used more often, for longer

Works in hot & dry

Enjoy a field that never becomes too compact, dry or hot, and ensures the grass remains vibrant & not forced into hibernation

Works in wet & cold 

Let players avoid frozen, slippery and soggy fields with superior drainage, geothermal heating and stronger grass

Works for...

Sod on plastic

Warm-weather & cool-season turfgrasses

Open, semi-covered and covered stadiums

Set your grass growth on autopilot

Our automated system gives you complete control over turf quality by optimizing the growing conditions for grass

We grow grass in sand which never compacts, giving you a subgrade and rootzone ready to serve you for +50 years to come

American Football natural turf


Safer for players to use

A safe natural grass surface optimized for player health & performance

Ensure players have the required firmness for running, resiliency for falls, and traction for turns

Our grass offers the optimal combination of wear resistance, surface hardness and shoe-surface traction for maximum safety and ability to perform. With stronger turfgrass and sand in the rootzone there will be a reduction in impact force & vertical deformation, and an increase in energy restitution. 

Meeting and exceeding all NFL safety measurements

Making compliance easier than ever before

Precise moisture content

Set the moisture content to your preferred level through the automated subsurface irrigation system

The right surface hardness

By using sand as growing medium there is no compaction to the ground, meaning the G-Max rating will never exceed 95

Less surface shear

The Capillary Hydroponics system grows grass with 11-inch deep roots, making surface shear nearly impossible to happen

Improved grass density

With reduced damage from shear and a lower likelihood of divots, a larger portion of the field will maintain a healthy grass cover.

Any color of tarp

Excellent resistance to heat index enables use of any color of the tarp

Learn more about the dangers with Artificial Turf

Stay in complete control of your field

Set your grass growth on autopilot

The Capillary Hydroponics system efficiently promotes the growth of stronger grass with deeper roots, ensuring outstanding wear, tolerance to shade, disease, drought and heat stress, excellent tensile strength, and faster establishment.

Less prone to divots
Reduced Grow-in time
Reduced Grow-in time
Grows in harsh conditions
Extended growing season
Rapid establishment
Healtier Grass
More resistant to shade, drought & disease
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