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Create optimal riding conditions with an underground equestrian arena irrigation system

CapillaryFlow builds equestrian subsurface watering systems that create the perfect year round, all-weather sand or grass footing

Indoor and outdoor arenas
Grass and sand footing of choice
Next generation ebb & flow
Indoor and outdoor sand arenas

Why choose an underground riding arena watering system for your sand arena footing?

Adjustable footing via apps

Sub-surface moisture control makes it possible to transition swiftly between disciplines and still ensure optimal horsehoof-surface interaction.

The perfect sand moisture for a dust-free footing

Not too dry and not too wet! Our sub-surface irrigation system ensures even moisture throughout the footing, guaranteeing both a dust-free arena footing experience and optimal impact firmness.

No unsightly overhead sprinkler systems

With an underground arena watering system you can do away with unsightly indoor or outdoor overhead sprinkler systems.

Increased uptime

Underground arena irrigation systems are reliable and create consistent footing conditions, eliminating the need for arena closures or waiting for the footing to dry before riding again

Safer for horses

Consistent footing, ideal sand moisture levels for the chosen riding discipline and possibility to wash dirt and other contaminants from the sand creates a safe riding environment for horses.

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Consistent moisture

Eliminate problems with standing water and establishment of black layer in your equestrian arena

Total moisture & drainage control for an arena with the perfect footing

The Capillary Material offers effortless drainage control with its superior drainage capacity of 100mm per hour.

No standing water
No dry spots
No sprinklers
No downtime watering
Safe for horse and rider

Combatting black layer formation effectively

Constant oxygen infusion disrupts anaerobic conditions, deterring black layer development

Traditional equestrian sand arenas frequently struggle with the black layer, a toxic, foul-smelling barrier caused by anaerobic bacteria in stagnant water. The CapillaryFlow system revolutionizes arena maintenance by infusing oxygen into the water and ensuring dynamic water movement, preventing this hazardous layer from forming. This ensures a safer, more sustainable environment for equestrian activities.


Our customers love us

IDA Farm

Christer Egerström

By far the biggest advantage of riding on the Capillary Flow arena now is that I never have to worry about the surface not being even or too wet. I can be confident that my horses are always getting the best conditions to perform at their best and that they will last.

Dr Ricardo Gutierez

The horses under my care that have been ridden during this past year on the CapillaryFlow system footing has been a very positive one. The consistency (no dry spots or wet spots) of the footing throughout the day has greatly reduced the necessity of intervention on my part on the horses articulations. In general I have found the Capillary system to be of great benefit in keeping the horses healthy and supple during their training routines.

How it works

Proprietary technology for creating an underground watering & irrigation system for indoor & outdoor, grass and sand arenas


Footing of choice

Our underground equestrian arena watering system is compatible with all types of footing sand – irrespective of sand type or grass at the top – and also eliminates the necessity of adding any fibers.


Increase the longevity of your sand by washing it

The Capillary Wash Box lets you wash your footing sand without removing or replacing it, making footing with our underground watering system easy to clean and cost efficient.


Proprietary material for controlling moisture

The Capillary Material drains excess water efficiently but still moves moisture back up – without horse arena sprinklers – making it the perfect ground construction material for equestrian indoor & outdoor arenas.


A drainage layer built for longevity

The Capillary Material’s robust and dense composition prevents footing particles from entering the drainage system, ensuring long-lasting performance for many years to come.

Our riding arena irrigation & watering systems are easy to install and maintain

CapillaryFlow’s solutions enable optimal riding conditions in any weather for indoor & outdoor equine arenas by utilizing subsurface moisture control and a patented hydraulic geostructure.

Sand Arenas

Build reliable sand arenas without standing water, dust or additives

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Hydroponic Grass Arenas

Grass Arenas

Healthy strong grass for a lush riding experience year round


Minimize deterioration of your indoor riding arena

Consistent looks
Avoids build up of dirty sand in edges
Saving money
Easier maintenance

Previous installation in Ireland

Protect your indoor riding arena’s kick walls from degradation by using an underground watering system

By using subsurface irrigation instead of an overhead sprinkler system, no damage is done to the surrounding construction such as the kick board or kick wall during irrigation.

Reduce air moisture from irrigation and improve the uptime of indoor arenas

Subsurface irrigation runs on a consistent schedule and doesn’t keep you waiting for moisture to evaporate to get riding again.

Horse arena sprinklers

Replace your horse arena sprinkler system with a better and more sustainable option

Realize significant water savings, reduce maintenance efforts and enjoy a swift ROI

Up to 85% decrease in water consumption
Longer expected life length than traditional indoor & outdoor horse arena sprinkler systems

Optimize riding performance by maintaining the ideal moisture level in the arena’s surface and footing

Consistent moisture levels throughout the footing, and no standing water

Protect horses with a footing that is less prone to bacteria and accumulation of organic contaminants

Less downtime
No harmful dust to horses and riders
No black layer
Sand washable from contaminants and algae

Build your next generation arena with CapillaryFlow

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