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Are you as eager as us to contribute to the development of the next generation sustainable solutions for sports grounds, greens and spaces?

Are you an expert in the density and shape of different coarse sand or the properties of a variety of grass sorts? Let us know who you are or apply for an open position below!

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​​Every major sport relies on a good piece of ground. In fact, the ground in many cases can both make and break performance, people and equipment. That is something we want to put an end to.

We are a technology company whose patented innovations are enabling golf courses, sports arenas, and cities to build long-lasting and low maintenance greens, bunkers and grounds.

This means we are first and foremost domain experts in a number of fields, such as grass, soil, sand, golf and horses. We truly enjoy discussing the corners and density of different coarse sand and what happens with soil as a growth medium in different climates, temperatures and environments. This is what keeps us - and our customers - at the very forefront of ground construction and maintenance.

Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass

Vision: Central Station, Gothenburg, Sweden

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