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Careers at CapillaryFlow

Join us!

Are you as eager as us to contribute to the development of the next generation sustainable solutions for sports grounds, greens and spaces?

If so, apply for an open position below!

Open Positions
Our vision

A world where building low-maintenance natural spaces for sport and leisure is easy and sustainable.

purpose and mission

The world is facing a water crisis, and we are determined to help fight it

Sport and leisure spaces, including golf courses, parks, soccer fields, and more, require significant amounts of water to remain green and functional. With CapillaryFlow technology, we can help reduce the amount of water these spaces consume by up to 85% and decrease maintenance costs by 48%.

We work with some of the most advanced laboratories in the world to develop optimal and highly effective solutions for our customers. These solutions address real challenges in various areas such as sports pitches, golf courses, equestrian arenas, and the cities we inhabit. 

Open Positions
Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass

Vision: Central Station, Gothenburg, Sweden

We aim to create low-maintenance, durable sports grounds and more green urban spaces

Join us and let’s…

  • Provide the world with more green urban spaces
  • Fight water scarcity in cities and aid stormwater management
  • Develop next generation technology for the construction of low maintenance and more durable sports grounds
  • Improve the performance of athletes, and reduce injuries of equestrian sports, golf, football, soccer and other athletics
  • Reduce the use of artificial grass, which causes microplastics pollution that threatens the health of children, adults and animals

Our culture

CapillaryFlow’s team members share the following traits:

  • Improving the performance of athletes, reducing injuries on sports grounds, and creating more green spaces in urban areas is our primary goal.
  • Everyone at CapillaryFlow loves to dig deep into details of grass, soil, sand, complex data and anything else that helps us innovate and solve problems. 
  • We have a genuine passion for golf, equestrian sports, football, soccer and other sports.
  • We foster a collaborative and enjoyable working environment.
  • We take pleasure in solving complex customer problems.
  • We are constantly exploring and innovating our products and ways of working.
  • We enjoy hands-on work with our products.
  • We favor personal growth and love to see everyone succeed.

Does this sound like you? Do apply for an open position below 🤝

CapillaryFlow team at event

A multinational company with local focus

Even though we are split by different countries, time zones – and even continents – we enjoy the benefits of being a global company

While we greatly value regular meetings to exchange ideas and knowledge, we take pride in our status as a global company and embrace all that it entails. The entire planet is our playground, and we actively encourage occasional travel to facilitate face-to-face interactions with both our colleagues and customers.

Capillary Material Installations worldwide

Map of our installations


​​We help the best and largest sport teams, golf courses, equestrian arenas and cities to construct beautiful, cost-efficient and low maintenance greens and grounds. 

Every major sport depends on a solid playing surface. In fact, the quality of the ground often can often make and break an athlete’s performance or affect the workings of maintenance equipment. We work to ensure that the ground has only a positive impact on athlete performance and maintenance equipment functionality.

We are a technology company whose patented innovations are enabling golf courses, sports arenas, and cities to build long-lasting and low maintenance greens, bunkers and grounds. This means we are first and foremost domain experts in a number of fields, such as grass, soil, sand, and golf and equestrian technology. 

We take genuine pleasure in exploring the intricacies of various types of sand and soil and studying how they can function as a growth medium across diverse climates, temperatures and environments. This commitment keeps us at the forefront of ground construction and maintenance.

What we offer

Learn from a team of experts

You will be working with a diverse team of knowledgeable experts. Together, we tackle complex problems, innovate, and help our customers reach their goals.

Diverse and global mindset

We believe in diversity. We embrace all colours, cultures, gender identities, religions, sexual orientations and traditions. Be who you are at CapillaryFlow!

Benefits galore

We provide a diverse range of benefits tailored to cater to our global workforce; depending on your location, the specifics of these benefits might vary. Our offerings include hybrid work, flexible work hours, region-specific retirement benefits like 401K or pension plans, health insurance, PTO/vacation days, and much more.

Do good

Create more green spaces for play and leisure while saving water and reducing microplastics pollution.

Who should apply?

If you believe in our mission, share our passion for innovating how grass is grown, envision the transformation of sports grounds, strive to create greener cities, and if our values and work ethic resonate with you, we’d love to have you on our small but efficient team. Do apply 🍀

Open positions

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