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Baseball infields and outfields

Build fields that can take a hitting

CapillaryFlow makes it possible to design baseball fields that are able to withstand tough playing conditions as well as ensure a healthy game experience for players.

Long lasting
Improved performance
Next generation technique

Outstanding baseball fields ​
for top level performance​

Fields built using CapillaryFlow solutions are much lower in maintenance and look good all year round, providing the best experience for players when on the sand or grass.


Build reliable infields without standing water, or additives.


Healthy thick grass to run, jump and dive on.

case studies

Trusted by some of the world’s premium equestrian arenas

Wellington, Florida

IDA Farm

IDA Farm

Earlier, strong winds used to cause overhead irrigation heads to break, which led to the ground being watered unevenly. We also got complaints about the footing from customers who rent stalls. I was also always aware of how the wind was blowing and constantly checking to see if the footing was moist enough.

Before Capillary Flow was installed here at IDA, I experienced that the tracks could be too wet if they had just been watered. In the afternoon, the tracks got dusty, hard and even slippery. During the day, it was very difficult to find the perfect moment to ride, when the surface was ideal for my horses.

Wellington, Florida

Flying Cow Stables

Flying Cow Stables

Before the CapillaryFlow system was installed, it was very important to the farm owner to not install an irrigation system that was heavily computer based because that kind of system easily breaks in thunderstorms, and we get a lot of them in Wellington.

In our other ring, the surface is uneven and has a lot of dry spots because of the top watering. It is hard to keep the surface evenly moist throughout the arena and it’s hard for the horses to ride in that ring.

Significantly lower maintenance

CapillaryFlow solutions are the next generation technique in the construction and maintenance of baseball fields

85% reduction in water consumption

85% less water consumption

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides

Wash and reuse bunker sand with Capillary Wash Box

Sand is washable for consistent quality

50% less fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow solutions

50 % less fertilizers and pesticides

48% less maintenance when building bunkers with Capillary Material

48 % less maintenance

The Capillary Material ensures a level foundation

The durability of the Capillary Material ensures the groundwork of equestrian arenas doesn’t deteriorate over time. The porosity of the Capillary Material lets fluids sift through but particles won’t migrate into subsequent layers, or eventually into the drainage and irrigation systems at all.

Capillary Material ensures a level foundation

Low-maintenance grass outfields

Capillary Hydroponics grass fields

The Capillary Hydroponics system grows healthy grass with deeper roots in sand, giving athletes just the right consistency to run, jump and dive without fear.

No sitting water

Total drainage control

The proprietary Capillary Material allows grass to be grown in sand instead of an open medium, making drainage capabilities significantly superior when compared to soil grown grass. This also means, there's no sitting water or slush to deal with even after the heaviest precipitation.


The sub-surface irrigation ensures your baseball field is perfectly hydrated ensuring players have the most optimal surface to perform on. The moisture control system provides water to the roots, making turfgrass grow stronger for a year playing experience. All, with significantly less water consumption.


Our system is specifically designed to grow grass that can withstand rough playing and harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for baseball arenas with high traffic.

How CapillaryFlow helps keep the perfect sand moisture zone
Perfect moisture level

Regulate moisture levels in any condition

Regardless of top layer, season and geography the surface will always have the moisture level of your choice through subsurface irrigation.

Stronger grass
Subsurface heating
No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides
Moisture & Irrigation
85% reduction in water consumption

Decreased water consumption

Independent studies indicate the Capillary Hydroponics has 85% less water consumption than traditional overhead irrigation. By both collecting rain water and irrigating from below there is less surface water, reducing evaporation which in total is decreasing water loss and consumption. By not using overhead irrigation moisture level is also held consistent with your preferred profile for your sand and grass.

Automated maintenance

Fertilizers and pesticides are distributed through the water in circulation, allowing for lower total consumption and an automated distribution. The moisture levels of sand and turfgrass can be monitored and set virtually for a hassle-free workflow.

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leaching into the environment

Using an enclosed system with natural sand and underground basins, it filters all water naturally from air and water pollution and then collects it to be reused. By using subsurface irrigation and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides in the water there is no leaching of harmful substances or microplastics into adjacent soil, surrounding water streams or ground water.

Over 1000 installations globally

Over 1000 venues globally

10 year guarantee

10 year guarantee

Lower environmental impact

Lower environmental impact

Better for people & animals

Better for people & animals

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