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Capillary Hydroponics

Grow perfect grass, anywhere

The Capillary Hydroponics system enables us to grow strong and durable grass with significantly less maintenance and environmental impact

Significantly lower maintenance costs
Stronger and more resilient turfgrass
Saves up to 85% water
Lower net-carbon emissions than soil-grown grass*
Increases consistent playability
No leakage of microplastics, pesticides or fertilizers 
Use cases

Capillary Hydroponics is revolutionizing how and where turfgrass is used

Here are some of the verticals where our technology is making an impact

Capillary Hydroponic greens, tees and fairways

Golf Courses

Greens tees and fairways

Grow stronger and more durable grass for a consistent and improved performance of the course

Grass arena footing

Equestrian arenas

Grass arenas

Year round natural grass footing with low-maintenance

Football grounds and pitches year round playing enabled by Capillary Hydroponics

Sports fields

Arenas, stadiums and training fields

Strong and resilient turfs that are optimized for a year round performance

Ångfärjeparken Helsingborg enabled by CapillaryFlow technology

Cities & Parks

Cities and spaces

Turn hardscape surfaces into lush grass

How it works

Using an oxygenated and fertilized moving water table to grow turfgrass

The Capillary Hydroponics system moves fertilized water between the two sections for subsurface irrigation and oxygenation.

When the water moves and enters or exits the pores of the rootzone material, the gas exchange increases greatly, by up to 6.000%.

Evaporation is kept at a minimum and water savings are up to 85% and still the system drains any amount of rainfall.

The patented Capillary Material ensures a perfectly flat and level base beneath the rootzone, which is crucial for the functioning of a hydroponic system.

case studies

Used by some of the world’s highest ranked golf courses

Marrakech, Morocco

Royal Golf de Marrakech

Royal Golf de Marrakech

All bunkers installed in-house

Kevinge, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Golfklubb

Stockholms Golfklubb

Horshoe Bay, Texas

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Two Courses are currently installed with Capillary Bunkers, Apple Rock and Summit Rock from 2018.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Four out of seven courses installed between 2017 and 2019 (Apache, Renegade, Chiricahua and No. 7)

Silvas, Illinois

TPC Deere Run

TPC Deere Run

Noblesville, Indiana

The Sagamore Club

The Sagamore Club

3,5 acres of bunkers on the course

Norwalk, Iowa

Echo Valley Country Club

Echo Valley Country Club

All three courses completed between October2021 and October 2022 (Vale, Ridge, & Creek)

San Martin, California

Cordevalle Golf Club

Cordevalle Golf Club

188,000square feet of bunkers (4.3 acres)

Capillary Material grass arena footing has a superior surface mechanical behavior

Designed to withstand hard conditions

Superior performance

Stronger grass for higher utilization and performance

Our system is specifically designed to grow grass that can withstand high traffic and harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for public spaces, sports fields, and other high-use areas.

Stronger and healthier  turfgrass
Increased total hours of usage
Less winter damage
Consistent playability
Rapid establishment and reduced grow-in time

Soil grown turf

Surface moisture depends on rootzone materials

Fluctuating ground conditions due to soil and overhead irrigation

Overhead irrigation creates an excessively moist surface environment that is prone to disease and weed incidence

Overhead irrigation consumes large volumes of water

An open system and overhead distribution of fertilizers and pesticides leads to leaching and increased consumption and costs

Compaction is a problem and CO2 accumulation in air-filled porosity of rootzone causes root growth decline.

Capillary Hydroponics

Surface performance and moisture levels can be designed purely for the  purpose of user or sports application

Consistent ground conditions due to inorganic rootzone materials and subsurface irrigation

Watering from below is a superior way to hydrate turfgrass and still create a firm and dry surface, which leads to less weed and disease pressure

By both collecting rain water and irrigating from below there is less surface water, reducing evaporation, and decreasing water loss and consumption by up to 85%

Distribution of fertilizers and pesticides through the water in circulation allows for lower total consumption and near zero leaching

A constant change of water table allows for better oxygen exchange, up to 6000%, which increases root growth.

Lower the environmental impact of turfgrass

Learn more about how CapillaryFlow solutions contribute to a more sustainable world

Total drainage control

Because Capillary Hydroponics allows the grass to be grown in a very open medium, the drainage capabilities are superior compared to soil-grown grass.

Irrigating from below optimizes growth

The Capillary Material enables the use of an open growing medium and moves water and nutrients against gravity at the bottom of the rootzone as a result of which the grass develops deep roots. Simultaneously it creates a firmer and drier surface which leads to reduced weeds and disease pressure.

Reduces evaporation, water loss and water consumption by up to 85%
Choose moisture level depending on usage area of turf
Consistent ground conditions
Virtually no leaching of fertilizers and pesticides
Less surface water

Capillary Material ensures a level foundation

The durability of the Capillary Material ensures the groundwork doesn’t deteriorate over time. The porosity of the Capillary Material lets fluids sift through but particles won’t migrate into subsequent layers, or eventually into the drainage and irrigation systems at all.

Capillary Material ensures a level foundation
Capillary Geothermal

Heating from the ground up for an extended season

By circulating the water in the moving water table before distributing it, it automatically heats up the water and, by extension, the ground.  Additionally, using the stored solar-energy in the sub-soil, the temperature in the root-zone can be raised in winter. In the summer, high temperatures will be lowered in the root-zone.

Water is moved from one side of the turfgrass area to the other after having circulated through a buried pipe system beneath. The system only uses the sub-soil’s moderate temperatures and requires no other energy than that needed to move the water with an air-lift pump.

Deeper root zones

85% reduction in water consumption

85% less water than over-head irrigation

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides

50% less fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow solutions

50 % less fertilizers and pesticides

Total drainage control even after a storm

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