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TPC Deere Run

Alex Stuedemann
Director of TPC Agronomy
TPC Deere Run

Silvas, Illinois

The approach


About the installation


“Being a tournament venue, we always try to remain proactive in terms of our infrastructure,” he says. “The bunkers were rebuilt in 2007 with the best technology available at the time, but since I came back here eight years ago, it became clearer every year that they needed to be redone. Obviously, we want our bunkers in the best condition they can be for our regular players, but tournament week imposes significant extra pressure. It can and often does rain heavily in tournament week, and we must be able to shoulder those rain events and give the golf course back to the players as soon as possible. The management team at the course resolved that the Capillary Bunkers solution was the best option for ensuring the course was where it needed to be.”

“Maintenance-wise, we’re spending 20-30 per cent less time in bunkers”

Highlighted results

Return on Investment

Man hours saved per year

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