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Capillary Geothermal

Heating from the ground up for an extended season

Capillary Geothermal distributes an even heat regardless of ground profile and let grass grow and sports be played for longer throughout the season.

How it works

An energy-efficient system for heating and cooling turfgrass

By circulating the water in the moving water table before distributing it, it automatically heats up the water and, by extension, the ground.

Additionally, using the stored solar-energy in the sub-soil, the temperature in the root-zone can be raised in winter and reversely lowered in summer. 

Capillary Hydroponic Grass

Water is moved from one side of the turfgrass area to the other after having circulated through a buried pipe system beneath. The system only uses the sub-soil’s moderate temperatures and requires no other energy than that needed to move the water with an air-lift pump.

Less winter damage
Extended season
No electricity consumption
Environmental friendly
CapillaryFlow Football and Soccer Hydroponics fields
Increased safety

Improve the safety and performance of your sports ground

With capillary Geothermal you let players avoid frozen, slippery and soggy pitches for an optimized performance all year round

Firmer and dryer pitch or footing
Consistent performance
Safe for horses, riders and players
Stronger grass

Achieve strong grass growth year round

A hydroponic system with subsurface irrigation and heating means germination and growth can be achieved quickly and year-round – even in cooler autumn and winter months, creating a stronger performance right through winter as well as an improved winter color of the grass.

Works for any area of grass

We improve the performance, extends the season and optimize playing conditions for sports grounds and cities worldwide

Helps cool cities and spaces

During cold months cool temperature stores in the sub-soil and can be used during warmer times to decrease surface temperatures.

Easy to maintain and install

We improve the performance, extends the season and optimize playing conditions for sports grounds and cities worldwide

Our products & solutions

We provide an ecosystem of solutions that are easy to install and maintain

Capillary Bunker Liners

Capillary Bunker Liners

Build bunkers with the right playing characteristics

Capillary Hydroponic greens, tees and fairways

Hydroponic greens, tees and fairways

Grow stronger high-performance grass

Sustainable cart paths

Construct durable surfaces that drain well and last long

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Heat up your city, arena or sports ground in an environmentally friendly way

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