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Together we provide customers beautiful, sustainable & playable greens & spaces

Grow your market turf with CapillaryFlow’s proprietary solutions.

Our products & solutions

All the things we can offer together

Our proprietary solutions precisely regulate subsurface moisture levels to grow stronger turfgrass and humidify sand and soil. Here are some of the things we can offer together. 

How we help you

We are here to facilitate your success

Innovative products and solutions

We equip you to work with our solutions, best practices and processes that help you provide the results your customers are looking for.

Co-Sales & PM support to help you close those deals

Our team will be there to help you present solutions, answer questions, provide support and help with whatever you may need to close deals. When it is time for installation, our project managers will work with you to ensure project success and customer delight.

All the tools you need to be successful

We support your entire process, starting with sales collateral and ranging all the way to first installation and customer follow up & support.

Training and knowledge transfer

We love to share our deep knowledge and offer you personal training, webinars, video recordings, white papers and much more. All this to help you build trust with your customers by providing you deep domain knowledge.

Dedicated point of contact

We will provide you with a dedicated contact who cares about you and your success and will assist you with everything you need.

Why CapillaryFlow?

Why should you work with us

Large-scale projects

With +1000 venues installed, we have the experience to manage everything from small to large-scale projects all over the world. From the driest deserts to cold rainy climates, we know how to make every project a success.

Proprietary, patented material

Our innovative patented and patent-pending material are the base of our offerings and are what makes us unique and exciting.

Passionate about the sports

We are professionals that use our prior experiences to dig deep into everything there is to know about soil, sand, grass, material, water and much more to ensure an optimal sporting experience.

Research-based and outstanding results. No 1 innovator

We invest heavily in research and innovation. We challenge ourselves by constantly asking how we can do this even better.

Broaden your offering

The CapillaryFlow offering will help you get into new accounts and expand your reach

Customers want exciting and innovative solutions that guarantee to remove pains, add gains and deliver results. With CapillaryFlow you will have a solid reason to contact new prospects and current customers to book potential sales meetings.

Build beautiful, sustainable & playable greens & spaces

Join the CapillaryFlow Partner Program

Let's do great things together

Thanks for your interest in becoming a CapillaryFlow partner. Let’s grow your business and build solutions your customers will love. Access all the tools you need to be successful and receive first-class support from our team. Fill in the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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