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Capillary Bunker liner

Get 100% moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in perfect shape during any weather condition

The bunker liner that provides superior protection, drainage, ease of maintenance and playability for your bunkers

Thanks to its proprietary Capillary Material, the Capillary Bunker Liner excels at swiftly draining excess water while simultaneously retaining the right amount of moisture in bases and on faces. This ensures impeccable playing conditions in any weather and across all terrains, while also preventing the washouts and maintenance headaches typically associated with bunker upkeep.

A bunker liner that solves your biggest bunker problems

Get 100% moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in perfect shape during any weather condition

Eliminate washouts, flooding, soil contamination, plugged ball lies, and other bunker maintenance and playability problems.

No waterlogged bunkers with high drainage rate

Drains with a rate of 100 inches per hour

No clogging of drainage layers

Robust and dense liner able to stand +1000 PSI protects the drainage

Eliminate washouts

Patented Capillary Material moisturize the sand from below

Keep sand on faces

Rapid drainage of 100 inches per hour protects the bunker from washouts

Less sand contamination

Strong edge and good drainage reduces contamination, with possibility to wash the sand as well

Significantly less maintenance

Decrease hours spent in bunkers with ⅔

Learn how Desert Mountain Golf Club saved 2,300 maintenance hours per year

Spot the difference

Completely eliminate sand replacements

The only bunker liner with the possibility to wash the sand to new again

Significantly increase the longevity of your bunker sand by washing it. The Capillary Wash Box is an effective solution for washing algae, debris, silt, clay, and organic pollutants from bunker sand. By doing so, it preserves the sand’s percolation rate, color, and desired playing properties while eliminating the need for frequent sand replacement

swift roi

Capillary Bunkers: A risk-free decision for you and your club

The bunker system & liner with the best ROI and long-term performance

By eliminating frequent sand touch ups and occasional sand & liner replacements, Capillary Bunkers cost a third as much the coming 25 years*, compared to other bunker liner options yet still perform the same way it did year one. Sand and maintenance savings alone makes CapillaryFlow the ultimate bunker liner choice

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*Based on renovating 80 bunkers of total 50,000 sq. ft., with sand price of $80 per short ton and labor price $30 per hour. Liner prices based on USGA data. Contact your CapillaryFlow representative to learn more.

Bunker liner

Capillary Bunkers technology overview

CapillaryFlow’s bunker liner is a homogeneous mix that is installed at a 2 inch (50mm) in a uniform layer across the whole bunker. It’s ASTM tested to withstand pressure of up to +1000 PSI or 6,800 pounds, and drains with a rate of 100 inches (2,500mm) per hour. 


Product is delivered from a local supplier in a concrete truck


Less than 90 minutes per 1,350 ft? (125 mr)


More than 100 inches (2,500 mm) per hour


Superior strength for all edge options, including optional stacked-sod edges

Area per truckload

1,350 ft? (125 m2)


2 inches (50 mm)

Void structure

+20% void structure prevents sand migration and ice damage

Expected lifespan of +25 years

With a 15 year performance guarantee

What our bunker construction process looks like

With +1500 venues installed worldwide, we have the experience to manage small- to large-scale projects all over the world. Upon receiving your order, we leverage the resources of local suppliers to ensure rapid project initiation.

Our bunker liner is easy to install and can be done either by us, a contractor or your in-house crew. You can install sand and edge within 24 hours.

The process


Preparative ground work

We provide instructions or help you with preparing the ground by emptying thebunker, preparing edges and verifying drainage.


Transportation and installation of layers

The Capillary Material is delivered directly to your location in a ready-mix state from local plants. It is ready to be installed right out of the truck and can be done by any crew.


Installation of sand and functionality test

We then test the functionality. You can install bunker sand 24 hours after installation and the bunker is ready to be used.


Enjoy your installation of Capillary with 15 year performance guarantee and full product support

We are proud to be the only industry supplier to offer a full 15 year performance guarantee.

Why choose Capillary Bunkers?


Ease and flexibility of installation

Install it in house or with your contractor of choice

Our bunker liner can be installed by your in-house team with local materials and minimal tools, or by a local contractor.

Do one, many or all your bunkers when it suits you the best

You get the flexibility to schedule installation of one, several or all of your bunkers during your off-season to avoid closing during peak playing seasons and affecting your capital budget.

Patented homogenous mix enables durability and strength

Strongest in the market

Compared to other bunker liners CapillaryFlow is a homogenous mix, providing maximum strength and durability while still draining at an impressive rate of 100 inches per hour.

The Capillary Material is a homogenous mix with equal strength throughout the whole bunker


Unparalleled 15-year performance guarantee

A worry-free vendor choice

We are so confident in the quality of our product why we are proud to offer the only 15-year performance guarantee in the industry for our bunker liner

The risk-free decision that sets you up for long-term success

Swift ROI

Our bunkers last longer, pay for themselves within 3 years in most cases, and provide better, more consistent playing experiences. With no or minimal sand replacement, you can save up to ⅔ of your bunker’s operating budget over 25 years.

Top of the Rock


Some recent installations we are particularly proud of

The Singapore Island Country Club

Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand

Marco Simone G&CC, host of Ryder Cup 2023

Costa Navarino Golf Resort, Greece

Top of the rock, MI

Le Golf National, France, host of Ryder Cup 2018

Adare Manor, Scotland, Host of Ryder Cup 2027

Frequently asked questions about our bunker liner and protection system

How long does it take to install Capillary Bunkers?

To install the bunker liner in one bunker generally takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on size. The Wash Box is installed at the same time as the liner and should add no more than 15 minutes to the installation process. The Capillary Edge can be installed either in conjunction with installation of the bunker liner or the day after installation of the bunker liner. Installing the Capillary Edge should take no longer than 60 minutes per bunker.

Can I install Capillary’s Bunkers myself or do I need to work with someone certified?

Yes you can install the bunker liner, wash box and edge yourself. You don’t need to find and collaborate with any certified installer. Our product is so easy to install that it can be done with any contractor or your in-house crew.

How much does it cost to line a bunker?

It depends on the size of the bunker, local material prices such as sand & drainage material. To give you an accurate estimate, please contact us and we will happily assist you in providing a price per bunker. 

Can the Capillary Bunker Liner be installed in any geographic location?

Yes it can. When you contact us we utilize our vast geographical presence to either handle the installations ourselves, or with the help of our extensive partner network. As it is easy to use any contractor for installation, or even your in-house team, the liner can be installed regardless of where in the world you are located. 

Regarding temperatures and harsh weather conditions the bunker liner was Engineered in Scandinavia - one of the harshest climates out there. The material has a 23 % void space while water only needs 9 % to expand. This means that it can handle freeze-thaw cycles without problem, isn’t affected by clay-heave expansion and drains precipitation at a high rate. 

We have done installations in over 50 countries and are happy to provide you with references in your proximity.

Can the Wash Box be installed with other bunker liners?

No. The reason for that is simple: No other bunker liner in the market can withstand the high pressure water beam without either displacing too much sand, ripping the bunker liner or damaging it in other ways. The Capillary Material with its superior durability can easily withstand the pressure the water beam creates and wash the sand in its place.

What is the difference between CapillaryFlow’s bunker liner and other bunker liners on the market?

Homogenous mix: No other bunker liner is a homogenous mix with equal strength and durability throughout the whole bunker liner.

No certified installers: We offer you the possibility to work with either your in-house team or a contractor of your choice. The products are easy to install and can be handled by any team. 

Longest life span in the market with washable sand: The bunker liner material itself has an expected lifespan of +25 years, while the sand can be washed to its original state and playing characteristics. Together, this will save you large $ in the long run. 

Non-decreasing performance guarantee: Compared to other bunker liner options, our performance guarantee covers the full replacement of a failed product over 15 years, with no reduction in reimbursement value. It is not a limited warranty or manufacturer’s warranty - we offer full product replacement no questions asked. 

Together with our long-term partners of superintendents, contractors and others involved in the golf construction business we have constructed a Bunker liner comparison guide and a custom ROI calculator. It highlights the long-term impacts of your choice of bunker liner and all costs and compromises associated with it. All, to ensure you make a sound investment decision based on facts and not empty promises. 

Let us know in the form below if you want to get our bunker liner comparison guide, including custom ROI calculations to your course!

Can I do a hybrid bunker?

No, you can’t. CapillaryFlow does not support the Hybrid Method and will not provide support or materials if this is adopted. If it has been installed anyway, the performance guarantee is not valid. 

The single reason CapillaryFlow does not support the Hybrid Method is because it will cause more washouts. As you break the capillary action the drainage relies on, between the intersection of the Capillary Material and the fabric, more water will back up in the porous space in the Capillary Material as it can’t enter your drain lines fast enough. Putting in more drain lines won’t solve the problem. Ultimately, this will cause many more washouts and in extension wet bunker bases due to the contamination. 

Download our Hybrid Method whitepaper to learn more!

Do you offer proof bunkers?

Yes, we do. Contact us to have a custom offer for a demo/proof bunker. We will get back to you with an offer in 24 hours.

We would love to help you with your bunker renovation project

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