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Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Shawn Emerson
Director of Agronomy
Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Scottsdale, Arizona

The approach


About the installation

Four out of seven courses installed between 2017 and 2019 (Apache, Renegade, Chiricahua and No. 7)

“Shovels used to be a part of our daily bunker maintenance, and it isn’t anymore”


Desert Mountain offers the world’s largest collection of private, Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, and one distinct par 54 championship course, No. 7 at Desert Mountain, one of only two such rated courses in the country. Desert Mountain defines golf like no other. Nowhere can you find a collection of courses that will keep players uniquely challenged in every round.   The club saw a need to enhance both the playability and consistency of their bunkers on all their courses, but also to reduce maintenance costs in terms of tilling, raking and repairing damages after heavy rain events.

After researching different options for bunker construction, the club quickly decided to go with the market leader. Capillary Bunkers are currently installed on four of the seven unique courses with more to come. Kenton Brunson, Superintendent of Golf Course Operations, expresses how “Capillary Bunkers is absolutely essential as it has drastically and positively impacted our operation”. He further expresses how “shovels used to be a part of our daily bunker maintenance, and it isn’t anymore”.

After installing CapillaryBunkers, we saw overnight savings in labor costs.  We used to till our bunkers five times per week and now we only do it once a week on the courses with CapillaryBunkers installed. Shovels used to be a part of our daily bunker maintenance, and it isn’t anymore, and after heavy rainstorms, we spend 5 rather than 50 hours on repairing our bunkers, and this has a significant effect on our team morale.

Our members always complained about bunkers more than they have greens however after the installation of Capillary Bunkers that has disappeared and so has my headache. Members now ask why No. 7, Renegade, Apache & Chiricahua can open faster than any other courses.

Highlighted results


Return on Investment


Man hours saved per year

2.5 years

Payback time


Saved per year