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Build greens with subsurface irrigation and pure sand in the rootzone

Capillary Hydroponics is the construction standard for greens where optimal drainage, greater wear tolerance and significantly less maintenance can be achieved, all while consuming up to 83 % less water

Capillary Hydroponics excels in golf greens construction technology

Capillary Hydroponics is perfect for…

Undulated greens

Practicing areas requiring high uptime

Warm and cold climates & seasons

All types of turfgrasses

Areas with water consumption restrictions

Areas with large amounts of precipitation

A solution designed to solve your largest green problems


Poor drainage


Drains with a rate of 25’’ per hour by using sand as the growing medium and possibility to store excessive water in underground basins to eliminiate downtime and turf damage


Disease proneness


Eliminating surface water and good drainage renders turf less prone to deep thatch, fungus and other diseases


Winter damage


By heating the irrigation water with subsoil energy before distributing it into the root zone winter damage can be reduced


Uneven moisture holding capacity in the root zone


Eliminate dry spots, inconsistent turf quality and diseases by providing irrigation from below with a changing water table and even moisture holding

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Subsurface irrigation: A simple concept yet complex technology

Capillary Hydroponics is a sophisticated yet user-friendly automated subsurface irrigation and drainage system that supports a more efficient growth of grass than what can be achieved with overhead technology. Here is how it works.

The system is engineered for storing excessive water during periods of precipitation

The stored water can be used for irrigation during drier periods. By irrigating from below the evapotranspiration is low. 30 days of water autonomy can then be achieved during restricted water periods or severe drought.

The subsurface irrigation system is run by a patented pumping system, utilizing the physics of a moving water table to create a better oxygen gas exchange in the rootzone

By using pure sand as the growing medium the oxygen-gas exchange is isgnificantly improved, while it also drains precipitation at a higher rate than a normal green.

Water you can save per year: 2,500 m3 - 50,000 m3

Capillary Hydroponics System Diagram

Root zone with even moisture holding capacity and increased open space porosity

The constantly changing water table, coupled with the presence of sand in the root zone and the absence of organics, ensures the even moisturization of the root zone, promoting deep root establishment, and reducing the likelihood of dry spots on the turf’s surface.

Even moisture holding capacity
Adjustable water level in the root zone
More porous space for oxygen-gas exchange with sand in the root zone

Proven water savings of up to 83%

The Capillary Hydroponics system efficiently distributes irrigation water from below, minimizing surface water evaporation and enabling the collection and reuse of rainwater. Overall, it consumes up to 85% less water than traditional irrigation methods


Capillary Geothermal

Avoid freeze-thaw damage and improve grass quality in warmer seasons

By heating or cooling the rootzone with the irrigation water

Capillary Geothermal utilizes the heat or cool stored in the ground profile to heat the irrigation water. By circulating it in the ground profile before distributing it to the root zone, grass growth can be improved during warmer and cooler seasons, and sudden freezes or other grass damage can be mitigated.

Designed to decrease maintenance and increase the lifespan significantly

Capillary Hydroponics frees golf course staff from tedious maintenance and costly renovations, providing lasting benefits for decades

How we can design greens that only consumes 50% of the inputs, with pure sand as the growing medium?

By providing everything grass needs to grow strong from below, large savings can be realized

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Up to 50 % reduction in maintenance

As the system promotes more efficient grass growth and has optimal greens draiange, common maintenance practices such as deep loosening, core aeration, verticutting, slitting, and top dressing can be performed less frequently.

Automatic distribution of fertilizers and plant protections

Efficient distribution of fertilizers and pesticides via the subsurface system with virtually no leaching, lowers the materials and inputs needed, as well as environmental footprint.

No surface water evaporation

Our below-surface irrigation minimizes evaporation, saving up to 83% water in consumption by only providing irrigation from below.

Efficient oxygen gas exchange provides stronger grass

By moving water laterally, we can reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the root zone. This achieves a 6,000% higher gas exchange than overhead irrigation, yielding durable, traffic-resistant grass.


Control your greens’ moisture content from the comfort of your pocket

Flowtrack is our proprietary IoT system that sets you in control of the moisture content in your greens by providing easy moisture setting via apps

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Keep a track of all your CapillaryFlow systems

Alerts & Notifications

Custom data dashboards

Data-driven decisions

Adjust maintenance decisions based on historical data and performance

Remote monitoring

Mobile and web access all FlowTrack devices

Control playing characteristics

By simply adjusting moisture levels

Showcase custom set data

Such as Stimp, green firmness and bunkers' moisture level

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