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Year round grass arenas by CapillaryFlow

Outstanding grass arenas for top level sport

Our ground system enable arenas to have grass grown in equestrian sand instead of soil,  revolutionizing the sport and is the best option for you, your horse and your maintenance budget

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Hydroponic Grass Arenas

Safer footing for your horses

Grow soilless grass directly in top quality sand using Capillary Hydroponics system, making a year round riding experience possible. ​

No top watering
No mud
No sprinklers

High quality with low maintenance

With automated mowing, fertilizing and watering the grass arena will be as easy to own and maintain as any sand arena. The system is controlled by an app.

No disruptions to riding practice

No potential of grass arena contamination with shared mowers

No potential of diseases by shared mowers

Consistent horse arena quality

Consistent quality

Better for the environment

Sand is better than soil.

But sand with grass is even better.

More about Capillary Hydroponics

Significantly lower maintenance costs

Stronger and more resilient turfgrass

Less carbon emissions than traditional soil-grown grass

Up to 85 % less water consumption

Increases the season of usage and grass growth

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of microplastics, pesticides or fertilizers 

case studies

We are proud to have constructed the following equine arenas

Wellington, Florida

IDA Farm

IDA Farm

Earlier, strong winds used to cause overhead irrigation heads to break, which led to the ground being watered unevenly. We also got complaints about the footing from customers who rent stalls. I was also always aware of how the wind was blowing and constantly checking to see if the footing was moist enough.

Before Capillary Flow was installed here at IDA, I experienced that the tracks could be too wet if they had just been watered. In the afternoon, the tracks got dusty, hard and even slippery. During the day, it was very difficult to find the perfect moment to ride, when the surface was ideal for my horses.

Wellington, Florida

Flying Cow Stables

Flying Cow Stables

Before the CapillaryFlow system was installed, it was very important to the farm owner to not install an irrigation system that was heavily computer based because that kind of system easily breaks in thunderstorms, and we get a lot of them in Wellington.

In our other ring, the surface is uneven and has a lot of dry spots because of the top watering. It is hard to keep the surface evenly moist throughout the arena and it’s hard for the horses to ride in that ring.

How it works


The perfect grass for footing

Strong and resilient grass for a natural footing, with significantly less maintenance and environmental impact.


Grass that grows in coarse sand instead of soil

Using FEI sand as a growing medium improves the drainage capacity and creates the right geostructure for an optimal performance for horse and rider.


The Capillary Material rapidly drains and moves water back up

The Capillary Material’s strong, leveled base helps to avoid settling of your arena. Additionally it helps to rapidly drain rainfall and irrigate the surface from below.


A drainage layer that just works

No sand or other particles will migrate into the drainage layer, keeping its performance intact for longer.


Capillary Material to keep things in place

The impermeable liner helps to collect and maintain rainwater in the system, increasing the efficiency and lower water consumption. Additionally, fertilizers and pesticides stay in the system and avoid leaching into adjacent soil.


Can be installed on any ground profile

The Capillary Material keeps the ground base levelled regardless of the ground profile it is installed on - avoiding migration of particles and settling of the ground.


Heating from the ground up

With Capillary Geothermal the surface and subsurface layers will be heated by using solar heat stored in the ground, for an extended season of grass growth and riding.

Superior surface mechanical behavior

Optimal horse-hoof surface interaction

Superior surface mechanical behavior

Grass arena surfaces with optimal horse-hoof-surface interaction reduces injury risk and gives superior performance

Impact Firmness
Consistency over time
Capillary Geothermal

Heating from the ground up for a year round riding experience

Using the stored solar-energy in the sub-soil and circulating the water before distributing it, the temperature in the root-zone can be raised in winter. In the summer, high temperatures will reversely be lowered in the root-zone. This creates optimal growth conditions regardless of season.

Less winter damage
Extended season
No electrical consumption
Firmer and dryer arena
Healthier grass
Capillary Hydroponic Grass

We make year round grass arenas possible

We are Globally present

Our solutions have been installed in more than 1,500 venues in 47 countries across the world


Gothenburg, Sweden

US Office

Wellington, Florida

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