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Hydroponic tee boxes

Tee boxes with greater wear tolerance, requiring less maintenance

Capillary Hydroponics enables you to maintain flat and level tee boxes for years. It achieves this through efficient spot irrigation through subsurface technology while using up to 85% less water than traditional methods

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Capillary Hydroponics excels in golf tee construction technology

Capillary Hydroponics is perfect for…

Grass driving ranges

All types of turfgrass

Warm & cold climates & seasons

High-traffic tee boxes

Areas with water consumption restrictions

A solution designed to solve your largest tee box problems


Settling of the tee box


The Capillary Material is dense enough to ensure a leveled tee box for years to come


Poor tee alignment


With precise spot irrigation of the exact tee box area, your tee will stay aligned to where it’s supposed to


Frequent top dressing and renovations


By providing a consistently level base, the Capillary Material also reduces the need for as frequent top dressing or renovations.

A simple concept yet complex technology

Capillary Hydroponics is a sophisticated yet user-friendly automated subsurface irrigation and drainage system that supports a more efficient growth of grass than what can be achieved with overhead technology.

The system is engineered for storing excessive water during periods of precipitation, storing anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000 m3

The stored water can be used for irrigation during drier periods. By irrigating from below the evapotranspiration is low. 30 days of water autonomy can then be achieved during restricted water periods or severe drought.

The subsurface irrigation system is run by a patented pumping system, utilizing the physics of a moving water table to create a better oxygen gas exchange in the rootzone.

By using pure sand as the growing medium the oxygen-gas exchange is isgnificantly improved, while it also drains precipitation at a higher rate than a normal green.– during restricted water periods or severe drought

Water you can save per year: 2,500 m3 - 50,000 m3

Capillary Material ensures a level foundation
Flat and level tee boxes

Flat and level surface – No compaction, settling or migration of particles

Our proprietary Capillary Material maintains flat and level tee boxes for years by preventing the ground from settling and particles migrating, thus significantly reducing the need for renovations.

Subsurface irrigation that uses up to 83% less water than traditional irrigation methods

Capillary Hydroponics has been proven to use up to 83% less water than overhead irrigation systems, according to independent research. This makes it a perfect choice for arid regions with stringent water consumption limits.


Efficient and consistent spot irrigation

The system precisely irrigates only the desired area, improving ease of tee alignment, while simultaneously reducing over-watering in tee surroundings.

Designed to decrease maintenance and increase the lifespan significantly

Capillary Hydroponics frees golf course staff from tedious maintenance and costly renovations, providing lasting benefits for decades

Reduced maintenance and renovations

The Capillary Hydroponics system preserves the turf area’s original design, minimizing the need for reshaping tees every decade. Additionally, by providing a consistently level base, the Capillary Material reduces the frequency of top dressing or renovations required.

Stronger grass reduces the need for expanding the tee surface size

Our system is optimized for growing stronger and more wear-tolerant turfgrass, allowing for a smaller tee surface area while maintaining the highest quality playing surface.

Easy to fit into your renovation schedule

Our hydroponic tee box takes the same amount of time to install as a conventionally constructed tee box. So, feel free to install one or several per year!

Lifespan +15 years with our performance guarantee

Our tee box construction technology is superior to conventional methods

At CapillaryFlow, we stand behind the quality and performance of our installed tees, offering a 15-year performance guarantee for our Capillary Material and 3-year guarantee for our basin.

Capillary Geothermal

Heat or cool the rootzone with the irrigation water

Avoid freeze-thaw damage and improve grass quality in warmer seasons

Capillary Geothermal utilizes the heat or cool stored in the ground profile to heat the irrigation water. By circulating it in the ground profile before distributing it to the root zone, grass growth can be improved during warmer and cooler seasons, and sudden freezes or other grass damage can be mitigated.

What tee box sand specifications are used with our tee construction method?

By irrigating from below, you won’t need to worry about specific sand mixes such as the USGA’s sand mix for tee boxes. Since moisture-holding capacity in the root zone won’t be a concern any more, we can have a completely sand-based root zone. This enables rapid drainage and reduces ground settling over time.

Pure sand as the growing medium


What is the tee construction method used?

Capillary Hydroponics is a tee construction method that reimagines the traditional method by incorporating a layered structure of materials such as the Capillary Material, drainage gravel, and a sand-based root zone. The system irrigates turfgrass from below using a proprietary hydroponic basin.

Planning to upgrade your tee boxes with a future-proof and sustainable solution?

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