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Durable and beautiful edges for any bunker

Enjoy remained design integrity and reduced edge-trimming with Capillary Edge, part of our three-part bunker protection system

Why Capillary Edge?

Capillary Edge is the strongest and most efficient method of constructing a durable, single layer bunker edge using artificial grass strips. Here is what sets it apart:

Long life span - High structural stability & integrity

By binding the edge to the liner and native soil with the Capillary Material, it is protected from erosion, exposed edges and other damage caused by players, ground movement or maintenance equipment.

Ease of maintenance - Easier edge trimming and reduced remodeling & bunker shaping

Using the Capillary Edge provides maintenance teams with an easy overview of where and how far one should both trim and edge the bunkers, leading to remaining bunker design integrity. At the same time it moistens the grass outside the edge to improve the looks of it.

Remained design integrity - Protecting the edge and favoring turfgrass outside it

The edge moisturizes the turfgrass outside the edge from below to make sure it grows naturally strong and looks appealing, yet naturally protects the bunker edge itself.

Quick and easy installation

Capillary Edge is installed at the same time as the liner and the installation can be handled by any crew, and fit to both nose & bay shapes and stacked edges.

Design flexibility for any budget

Decide yourself what look you want to aim for: Soil-exposed edge, grass overhang or a fully visible synthetic bunker edge. Capillary Edge can do it all.


Here is what some of our recent
customers say about us

We are proud to have +1500 satisfied customers worldwide, including some of the world's top 100 golf courses, from Ryder Cup to PGA venues. Here are what some of them say about us and our bunker system.

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Hoover Country Club

LJ Robinson

The Wash Box is a huge deal for us. In the past, after a flood, we would skim our bunkers with flat shovels, but there was always some muck left over. With the Wash Box, we can skim, then connect a hose to the irrigation system and blast out the rest of the contamination. It will make a HUGE difference for us!

Castelconturbia GC

Giovanni Malcotti

When our contractor explained the benefits of the Wash Box to us, it was an easy decision to add it, one we took in an instant. It was a complete no brainer and we are happy with how it has helped us restore the sand colour without removing or adding any new sand!

Delsjö GK

Kevin Collins

Keeping our sands clean with the soils we have always has been a huge problem. Regardless of how good your construction is, you will always get contaminations in the sand here: clippings, algae, clay and silt run-offs and the like. This is the first solution we have ever seen work where we do not have to replace the sand. I'm stunned by the results and also all the money we save on sand!

The Breakers Palm Beach

Mark Reid

I am a big fan of the Wash Box. To have the ability to remove fines and algae, and bring sand back to its original pure-white state is amazing. I’m never worried about bunker consistency now!

Croasdaile Country Club

Golf Course Updates:

The rain total for yesterday was 2 inches. It was a great test for the renovated bunkers and they handled it flawlessly!

Below is an old bunker verses one that was rebuilt.

Whitecraigs Golf Club

Whitecraigs Golf Club

Not a brilliant morning weather wise, but delighted at how the course has held up to an inch of rain since we left yesterday.  Greens drainage and capillary concrete bunkers are performing well.

Headland Golf Club

Ben Tilley

When 38mm “floggs down” overnight & 55mm over 3 days & then you come in to find your decision making, choices of product and planning have been vindicated 😎😎😎

Ayla Golf Club

Atilla Demisroy

Keeping the white silica bunker sand and the orange/brown desert sand separate is essential if bunker performance is to be maintained, and this requires a quality liner. We need separation to keep the integrity of our bunkers. CapillaryFlow was the only option to fix this.

Oakwing Golf Club

Kyle Swart

Before we started, around fifty per cent of our bunkers simply didn’t drain. In the first three months after we renovated, we had 22 inches of rain–we went from an incredibly dry summer to an incredibly wet winter. There is not a bunker out there that has held water or washed out, or retained any silt. They have been the best addition to this golf course.

We are going to save $50-70,000 a year just on labour from the new bunkers, and there will be another $12-15,000 from not having to replace sand. For us, that is a big, big difference.

Clearwater Bay Golf

Peter John Downie

After 250mm of rain, no washout, no nothing. The Bunkers we didn't redo, a complete mess. Washed out, right down to the sand mat, completely depressing for the staff. After this, we will redo all our bunkers with Capillary!

Newnan Country Club

Andy Scott

We’ve had three big rainstorms – three inches overnight – since we finished the installation, and we have come in the following morning and found little or no washouts in our new bunkers. Member reaction has been great. I’m getting compliments every single day about how they look and play. It’s probably too early to say this is the best decision of my life, but I’m pretty close to it.

The Club at Gettysvue

Jeff Dudych

During my travels I’ve seen all the liners and from talking to my colleagues, it was clear that the Capillary Bunkers stood up the best.

Wakefield Plantation Country Club

Todd Lawrence

I like the fact that the concrete is a homogenous two inch layer. Other products seemed to depend much more on the contractor to get the consistency and depth of the product right. With Capillary Bunkers, I knew that as long as it came out of the truck properly mixed, it would give me that solid two inch layer.

Sarabay Country Club

Carlyle Merring

We had ten inches of rain over the course of thirty days in June, and seven of those inches came down in two days,” says golf course superintendent Carlyle Merring. “The bunkers stood up to it really well. We don’t have a problem with them washing out. The integrity of the product is holding strong – not failing in any sort of way, and the bunkers are functioning really well. Generally we can get our bunkers back in play in one morning after a big rain event.

Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Heath Allen

We want to do this one time and not have to worry about going back in to replace anything. And the Capillary sytem is very easy to install – there are very few restrictions about suitable weather, or time of day, and so on.

Cuscowilla Country Club

Jarrod Clark

After 20 years of weathering and maintenance our bunkers were in need of renovation. We have a natural style of bunkering and wanted to keep that look intact while installing new sand and drainage. Using Capillary Concrete on our steep faces allowed us to stabilize and drain the bunkers while keeping the design and look intact. We have experienced less washouts and better playability since the Capillary Concrete installation. Our members have been very happy with the consistency of the new bunkers that are now playable sooner after heavy rainfall

Flying Horse Club

Phil Smith

I have had great experiences with Capillary Concrete, so it was an easy decision for this project. I have found the Capillary Concrete to deliver very good results in terms of sand quality, and the easy of installation just closes the deal as far as i’m concerned. I really can’t say enough about it.

Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb

Agne Strom

I dug up the sand today in one of our bunkers. I am turning it into a chipping area by green #7. After 3 trouble-free seasons and 2 winters I can testify of zero damage to my Capillary Concrete. I strongly recommend this product! Never a wash-out. I spend about 10 hours per week on my 45 bunkers and that's it.

University of Texas Golf Club

Tyler Andersen

As a staff, we needed to find a way to retain moisture in the faces of the bunkers so golf shots would hit and release to the bottoms of the bunker. Capillary Bunkers with its two-way moisture control was the only liner who could provide this. We couldn't be happier for our bunkers!

The Preserve Golf Club

Steven Miles

All of our bunkers were completely redone with Capillary Concrete back in 2014. We got 100 inches of rain the last 2 years and for the last 4 to 5 years we have not had to replace any sand. We have less labor fixing washouts… we have to rake our bunkers fewer times… so it saves us a substantial amount of money for labor.

We have not had to repair our bunkers at all, and, incredibly, the original sand is still in them. Since 2014, I have bought one truckload of sand, and that was for the bunker in our chipping green – which gets blasted out by players. Our bunkers have flashed sand faces, but our minimal washout issues only occur where water actually flows into the bunkers. When we get a big rain – and eight to ten inches of rain is not uncommon – we have to wait for the drainage infrastructure underneath the bunkers to catch up with the bunkers’ ability to move water. But it always does, and then the crew can prepare the bunkers for play again.

Avondale Golf Club

David Warwick

We have recently made the huge decision to renovate all the bunkers at Avondale Golf Club, utilizing Capillary Concrete™ as the primary bunker liner and the patent pending drip line irrigation technique on the steeper faces. We are extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the product.

Palmetto Golf Club

Brooks Blackburn

It’s been a game changer for us.

Le Golf National, Paris, France

Alejando Reyes

We have selected Capillary Bunkers with special Light Weight Aggregates based on the outstanding performance and strength of the material. After several tests and on site evaluations, it is the best adapted product to our renovation project in order to produce a world class golf venue

Capillary Edge is part of our complete bunker protection system

All tied together by our proprietary Capillary Material 

Capillary Edge -
Maintaining design integrity

The Capillary Edge guarantees that the bunker’s shape will remain true to its original design throughout its lifespan. This stability reduces the crew’s need for edge trimming and negates the necessity for remodeling or reshaping bunker edges every decade.

Capillary Bunker Liner - Mastering drainage and moisture retention

Thanks to its proprietary Capillary Material, the Capillary Bunker Liner excels at swiftly draining excess water while simultaneously retaining the right amount of moisture. This ensures impeccable playing conditions in any weather and across all terrains, while also preventing the washouts and maintenance headaches typically associated with bunker upkeep.

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Capillary Wash Box -
Restoring sand to its optimal state

The Capillary Wash Box is an effective solution for washing algae, debris, silt, clay, and organic pollutants from bunker sand. By doing so, it preserves the sand’s percolation rate, color, and desired playing properties, while it is also eliminating the need for frequent sand replacement.

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Perfect for...

High-traffic bunker edge

High-traffic bunker edges

Are people entering your bunker from the same angle due to steep faces on the other side of the bunker? Capillary Edge lets you protect those edges in a cost-efficient way.

Single-layered edges

Looking to maintain a neat looking bunker without stacked edges? Capillary Edge is the most affordable option for having multiple bunkers on your course with a single layered edge.


Tree roots won't compromise the bunkers

Edges in need of protection

Capillary Edge protects the outer edge from surface level tree roots or grass growing into the bunker, or animals digging their way through your bunkers.

Technology overview

A specialized artificial turf strip is positioned along the edge and integrated with Capillary Material above an impermeable liner, which helps to irrigate and improve the soil just outside the edge. 


5,9" (15cm)
1,2" (3cm)
32' (10m)
One strip is ≈ 49' (15m) long


Installed at the same time as the liner


2,95" (7.5cm) with grass
2,95" (7.5cm) without grass


$2 per linear feet (30,5 cm)


Using the Capillary Material as a strong binding agent

step 1

Preparations of bunker edge

An 8-12 inch shelf of Capillary Material is prepared when installing the liner, leveled with the outside soil.

step 2

Install and secure the edge

The edge is fitted to the shelf with a slight overhang into the bunker, and secured with sod staples if needed. When fitted, backfill the end of the edge facing the soil with Capillary Material to attach it.

step 3

Finishing touches and adjustments

Based on preferred aesthetics, finish with adding soil and sod with the method to match the desired design.

Frequently asked questions about our bunker edge, bunker liner and protection system

How does edge help protect my investment in my capillary bunker liner?

Capillary Edge helps create a fully sealed bunker. It prevents debris from the soil or grass edge from entering the bunker. It ensures the bunker’s design integrity with regard to the shape and perimeter is not compromised and that it remains consistent.

Will golf balls bounce off the Capillary Edge?

Yes and no, they will bounce, but not so hard that there is any risk of a golfer hurting themselves since the yarn is so soft and the Capillary Edge so dampening.

Do I have to install Capillary to install the Capillary Edge?

Yes, the Capillary Edge is secured by placing it on the very top of the Capillary when finishing the bunker and filling in with Capillary behind it. There must be Capillary material there to secure it.

What are the dimensions of the Capillary Edge?

Upon delivery, the dimensions of the Capillary Edge is the following;

5,9" (15cm) x 1,2" (3cm) x 32´(10M) - One strip is ≈ 49´(15M) long

Where the artificial turf strip itself consists of two parts, one part with grass and one without. 

2,95" (7.5cm) with grass |  2,95" (7.5cm) without grass

Can I create stacked walls with the Capillary Edge?

Though the Capillary Edge is best used as a single-layered edge, it can be stacked to achieve your desired height and looks.  

Interested in how we can help you protect your bunker edges from edging and size expansion?

We have helped +1500 customers worldwide upgrade their bunkers and have vast experience of bunker construction. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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