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Durable and beautiful edges for any bunker

Use a durable bunker edge that molds and bends to any shape to ensure exact original bunker shapes throughout your bunkers’ lifetime, with no soil that ever escapes into the bunker sand

Reduced bunker maintenance

The Capillary Material produce edges that are dense and robust to holds off grass from growing into the bunker sand, or soil to migrate from the edges

Greatly reduced edge-trimming
Improved wear tolerance
Strong grass outside of the bunker
Capillary Edge by CapillaryFlow

Durable and easy to maintain


Using the Capillary Material as a strong binding agent

A special artificial turf strip is placed on the edge and tied in with Capillary Material with an impermeable liner beneath to collect and moisten the soil outside the edge.

Capillary Material
Capillary Edge

Capillary Material

Capillary Bunkers

15 year Capillary Material guarantee

Industry leading life length and guarantee

Certified installation partners
Rigorous testing and research process
Technology guarantee on all installations
Continuous quality inspections
15 Years Capillary Material guarantee

Quick and easy installation process

The Capillary Edge is designed to be easy to install. By delivering it on a roll it is ready to be installed right away without any modifications.


Preparative ground work

We provide instructions or help you with preparing the ground the right way, meaning emptying bunkers and preparing the outside of the bunkers properly.

step 2

Installation of add-ons and complementaries

The Capillary Material relies on many bits and pieces, all equally important for the system to function optimally. After preparing the ground, specific subsurface complementaries, add-ons and pipes are installed.


Transportation and installation of layers

Our global network of partners are able to deliver our Capillary Material directly to your location in a ready-mix state from local plants. The edge is delivered on a roll and is ready to be installed.

step 4

Installation of top layers and test functionality

Within 24 hours you can install the intended top layers of sand in the bunker and rootzone material & turfgrass on top of your edge. We make the final adjustments to make sure your system is optimized and test it so you get the best performance of your installation.


Enjoy your installation of Capillary with 10 year performance guarantee and full product support

We are proud to be the only industry supplier to offer a full 10 year performance guarantee.

How our ecosystem of bunker liner products for golf courses work

Ensure exact original bunker shapes throughout your bunkers’ lifetime and avoid migration of soil with Capillary Edge

With subsurface moisture control sand stays at perfect moisture levels, keeping bunkers looking pristine

Easy to renew bunker sand to look fresh and clean with the Capillary Wash Box.

Consistent playability with just the right sand depth in accordance with the soil moisture release curve

The Capillary Material drains with a capacity of 100” per hour, meaning no more waterlogged bunker bases

The Capillary Material is robust and prevents migration of particles into the drainage system

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