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Research and development is the core of what we do

We are a technology company whose innovations are enabling our customers to build sustainable, long-lasting and low maintenance natural surfaces for sport and leisure.

Our Mission

From golf courses to sports arenas, equestrian centers and city squares

Over the last 15 years, our innovations have transformed the way the golf industry constructs bunkers, greens and tees. It was but natural for us to progress into adjacent fields.

Research Project: Water consumption

We are proud to fund research projects that make turfgrass more sustainable

Several installations over many years prove significant water savings compared to traditional overhead irrigation systems. At MSU and the Hancock Turfgrass Research Center, a multiple year study with 6 identical putting-greens was started in 2022.

3 of the greens are built with the USGA variable root-zone depth method and 3 are built with the Capillary Hydroponics system. Initial results are very promising and indicate similar levels of water savings previously recorded.

Hancock Turfgrass Research Center, MSU

Research projects

Would you like to visit one of our test facilities?

We are currently hosting research projects at MSU, Hancock Turfgrass Research Center and our headquarters in Sweden. Let us know if you would like to see what we do to innovate the construction and maintenance of sustainable greens and spaces.

Build beautiful, sustainable & playable greens & spaces
Our research story

How it all began

Controlling the water of golf courses with the help of concrete

Capillary Material is a patented pervious concrete made from cement paste and polymers mixed with aggregate and that has an approximate porosity of 20%. It is the only building material that can rapidly drain water while also moving water up, regulating the moisture consistency of sand, soil and turfgrass.

Developed in Scandinavia, Capillary Concrete combines macro-pores with micropores to quickly move water down with the force of gravity for drainage, and up against the force of gravity with capillary force. The material’s polymers are what create microscopic connections in the actual binding agent of the Capillary Concrete.

The creators of Capillary Concrete recognised that moisture control of natural sport and leisure surfaces is more than just drainage. Moisture control is the ability to rapidly drain rain events and to be able to keep the required moisture in dry conditions.

Capillary Concrete can withstand even the harshest climates with severe winter ground freezing conditions as proven in both laboratory environments as well as 10-year-old real-life installations.

Controlling the moisture content of bunkers was not enough - a system for better greens, tees and fairways was needed as well.

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