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Automated and worry-free

Optimal moisture levels for sand, soil and turfgrass with subsurface irrigation

CapillaryFlow solutions enable control of moisture in any weather, season, soil or geography.

More about Capillary Hydroponics

Here is how Capillary Material works

At the core of our solution, The Capillary Material, formerly Capillary Concrete, is a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete.

Capillary power use gravity and meso-pores

The meso-pores in the binding agent provide upwards capillary movement of water, keeping moisture levels optimal for sand, soil and growth of grass. The Capillary Material is researched and designed to be the optimal size of holes for moisture to travel at the right pace, and at the right time. As the size is just right for moisture to travel upwards, it also provides the opportunity to hold moisture in the ground profile even in dryer conditions.

Avoids capillary breach

Capillary breach occurs when the pore sizes of two materials do not match, and moisture will then not be able to move against gravity. Water will not move from a small hole to a large hole until gravity is strong enough to pull it down. Problem occurs when the ground profile is saturated and does not drain the excessive moisture properly. The Capillary Material is designed to avoid capillary breach and hence create the right moisture levels. The Capillary Material contains large pores that freely drain water by force of gravity, but are not too large in order to avoid migration of sand particles into the drainage system.

Grows stronger and healthier turfgrass with subsurface irrigation

The Capillary Material enables the use of an open growing medium and moves water and nutrients against gravity at the bottom of the rootzone as a result of which the grass develops deep roots. Simultaneously it creates a firmer and drier surface which leads to reduced weeds and disease pressure.

Pervious concrete

Capillary Material testing shows how moisture moves in a dry sample (left) placed in moisture, to being saturated after 3 days (middle) and the sand sticking to the vertical face (right). The sand stays on the Capillary Material due to the capillary connection of moisture between the Material and the sand.

Pervious concrete

CC with GVY (zero suction)

Pervious concrete

Day 3

Pervious concrete

Mainly adhesive hold water

Optimized and automated

Consistent moisture levels creates optimal ground conditions for grass growth and sports performance

The patented hydraulic geostructure of the macro- and meso-pores enable moisture holding in the ground profile, both over time and over large areas. This is optimal for growing strong grass, and allows for choosing the characteristics you want for the piece of ground depending on area of usage.


Automated collection and distribution of water

Creating infiltration areas to collect and distribute naturally filtered water

Collecting rainwater and using it over a long period of time for subsurface irrigation of a turfgrass area decreases strain on day water systems and is an environmental friendly choice to regular irrigation.

CapillaryFlow Football Arenas

Perfect grass everytime

Natural grass grown in sand

Irrigating from below optimizes grass growth

By using a  fertilized and oxygenated moving water table for the The Capillary Material, it enables use of an open growing medium and moves water and nutrients against gravity at the bottom of the rootzone as a result of which the grass develops deep roots. Simultaneously it creates a firmer and drier surface which leads to reduced weeds and disease pressure.

Reduces evaporation, water loss and water consumption by up to 85%
Choose moisture level depending on usage area of turf
Consistent ground conditions
Virtually no leaching of fertilizers and pesticides
Less surface water
Next generation technique

Why subsurface irrigation?

Get rid of unsightly sprinklers, problems of water logging, over watering and damp spaces.

CapillaryFlow Sand Arenas

Increased utilization of spaces

Spaces and sport grounds won’t have any downtime caused by the need for overhead irrigation. Instead, spaces can be utilized even more.

Ångfärjeparken Helsingborg, CapillaryFlow and Capillary Hydroponics solution

Dryer surfaces

Irrigating from below avoids waterlogged surfaces. It makes them perform with an even consistency and they are less prone to diseases.

CapillaryFlow Football and Soccer Hydroponics fields

Moisture level of choice

Using drip lines and regulating the size of the underground basins and the properties of the Capillary Material gives the possibility to choose the moisture level that is optimal for the intended use case of the ground.

Enclosed system with natural sand and underground basins
Total moisture control

Keep surface moisture levels at a minimum

In many cases surface moisture erodes performance of the ground. A subsurface irrigation system keeps the moisture levels at the surface at a level where weeds, fungicides and other diseases can be kept away.

Less weeds
Less fungicides
Less grass diseases
No mud
No unsightly sprinklers
Sustainability at its core

Using an enclosed system restrict leaching of pesticides and fertilizer and consumes less water

By using subsurface irrigation and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides in the water there is no leaching of harmful substances or microplastics into adjacent soil, surrounding water streams or ground water. Additionally, the water consumption is up to 85 % less.

Capillary Hydroponics system grows grass for golf courses, horse arenas and other sports fields

Total drainage control even after a storm

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of fertilizers, pesticides and particles

Capillary Hydroponic Grass

No free-thaw damage

Consistent horse arena quality

Top performance all year round

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