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Construct durable and sustainable cart paths

Using the Capillary Material to construct cart paths is cost efficient and easy when you are already hosting ongoing installations of our solutions in your bunkers, greens, tees and fairways

Capillary Material Cart Paths

Total drainage even after a squall

Avoid drainage issues at your golf cart paths

Using Capillary Material you can choose the look of your cart path to be either gravel or grass and still achieve the highest capacity drainage

The cart paths have several functions on a course. Among many, drainage and easing off other grass surfaces with drainage is one. Capillary Material is a proprietary building material that offers superior drainage compared to normal concrete for cart paths. Using the binding strength of concrete but with macropores and porous binding, water will drain quickly. Meaning no more sitting water at the cart paths.


The Capillary Material meet and exceed the standard 3000 PSI required for cart paths

Surfaces constructed with the Capillary Material withstands pressure of 6,800 pounds, and can have any top layer

Just How Strong is Capillary Concrete?

Cart path alternative

Replace asphalt and concrete cart paths with a more sustainable option

Build grass golf cart paths that can withstand high pressure

The golf cart path alternatives today are usually asphalt cart paths and concrete cart paths. But the best cart paths alternatives today aren’t made of asphalt or concrete, they are made of grass. Using the Capillary Material for subsurface grading we can pave a grass golf course cart path.

Keep the looks consistent across the entire course

No interruption to play with grass everywhere

Less risk of unintended ball behavior

Capillary Material Cart Paths

CapillaryFlow Cart Paths are sustainable

Additional solutions

Our Product Lane

We are a technology company innovating the way golf courses are built, for a reduction in maintenance and improvement of playability and player experience.

Capillary Bunker Liners

Capillary Hydroponics

Greens, tees and fairways with stronger turfgrass

Capillary Material Bunker Liners easy installation

Capillary Bunker Liners

Build bunkers with the right playing characteristics

Capillary Wash Box

Capillary Wash Box

Wash your bunker sand without removing it

Golf cart path construction

We ensure a smooth golf cart path construction process

Here is how it is to work with us

With over +1000 venues installed worldwide and our own volumetric trucks we have the experience and team to pave a golf cart path efficiently, both time- and cost-wise. Here is how the golf cart path construction will look like:

Smooth golf course cart path with Capillary Cart Paths

15 year performance guarantee


Preparative ground work

Together with your team we prepare the ground with the necessary excavation and leveling, based on what top layer you prefer for your golf course cart path.

step 2

Installation of add-ons and complementaries

The Capillary Material relies on many bits and pieces, all equally important for the system to function optimally. After preparing the ground, specific subsurface complementaries, add-ons and pipes are installed.


Transportation and installation of layers

Together with your team we prepare the ground with the necessary excavation and leveling, based on what top layer you prefer for your golf course cart path.

step 4

Installations of top layers and pave a golf cart path

Within 24 hours you can install the intended top layers, i.e. golf cart path materials, of sand or root zone material and turfgrass. We make the final adjustments to make sure your paved golf cart path is optimized and test it so you get the best performance of your golf cart path.


Enjoy your installation of Capillary with 15 Year Performance Guarantee and full product support

We are proud to be the only industry supplier to offer a full 15 Year Performance Guarantee of our Material.

about us

We have extensive experience of constructing golf cart paths and follow all design standards

Golf cart path design standards

There are numerous ways to pave a golf cart path, and we are proud to closely follow all golf cart path design standards. We are happy to advise you on what solution that is best for your course, no matter if it is the USGA Cart Path Design Standard or according to unique instructions.

Golf course cart path materials

Today the main options for construction of a golf course cart path are concrete and asphalt. Sometimes the cart path materials used are also gravel or dirt. Using our patented polymer-based concrete, the Capillary Material, offer the possibility to use any top layer for your cart path construction.

The Capillary Material

The Capillary Material is robust and durable and has proven effective in even the harshest conditions

The patented Capillary Material is the only building material that can effectively move water the same two ways water moves in soils and sand, through capillary action and gravity. The macro-pores facilitate gravitational drainage and the patented meso-pores in the binding agent provide upwards capillary movement of water, keeping moisture levels optimal for sand, soil and growth of grass. Hence, it is optimal for constructing all areas of a golf course.

Highest capacity drainage

Build your next generation golf course with CapillaryFlow

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