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Capillary Wash Box
Capillary Wash Box

The easiest way to renew your bunkers or footing sand to its pristine state

The Capillary Wash Box allows you to condition your bunker sand back to new again

Longer lifespan of sand
No sand replacement costs

Wash your bunker sand without removing it

Increase the longevity of your bunker sand

Washing the sand not only cleans it but also allows the sand to dry out more in the base of the bunker where fine particles accumulates over time. This is an excellent way to condition bunker sand and improve performance and playability without having to replace or add any new sand.

Delsjön Golf Club, Gothenburg

Capillary Wash Box

Significantly less and easier maintenance

step 1

Install Capillary Concrete Bunker liner and Capillary Wash Box

The installation process is quick and efficient and the bunkers are ready to be used in 24h.

step 2

Use the bunker

With its superior drainage capacity the bunker will have increased playability and significantly reduced maintenance.

step 3

Wash the bunker sand

Expose the Wash Box and install risers to create the "chimney" above the sand surface.  Use a high-pressure water hose to wash the sand. Smaller particles will pass through the Wash Box leaving larger sand particles clean of contaminants.

step 4

Offer a great performance

Every season your bunkers will look - and behave - as they were brand new - without the need of replacing any sand.

Good for players, good for the environment

The sand can be easily washed to remove algae and organic material, making it better for players to play from, as well as more long lasting.

Washing sand with Capillary Wash Box

Wash Box sand washing

Increase bunker sand lifecycle

Washed bunker sand with the Wash Box

Optimal playing characteristics throughout the bunkers’ entire lifecycle

Compared to other bunker liners, Capillary lets you wash your bunker sand. This means you don’t need to replace it, your bunker always looks beautiful - and maintenance is significantly less time-consuming and less expensive.

Durability and Maintenance
Hassle-free installation process

Quick and easy installation

Just like our bunker liner, the installation process is simple and can be done in almost any weather condition. The Wash Box is easily installed in conjunction with installing the bunker liner.

Capillary Pervious concrete installation is quick and easy

Quick and easy Wash Box installation

How our ecosystem of bunker liner products for golf courses work

Ensure exact original bunker shapes throughout your bunkers’ lifetime with Capillary Edge

With subsurface moisture control sand stays at perfect moisture levels, keeping bunkers looking pristine

Easy to renew bunker sand to look fresh and clean with the Capillary Wash Box.

Consistent playability with just the right sand depth in accordance with the soil moisture release curve

The Capillary Material drains with a capacity of 100” per hour, meaning no more waterlogged bunker bases

The Capillary Material is robust and prevents migration of particles into the drainage system