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Performance guarantee

We offer an industry-leading 15-year structural and drainage performance guarantee on our patented Capillary Material when the Capillary Wash Box is installed alongside any CapillaryFlow solution. Learn more below.

Reduce the risk

The Capillary Material Performance Guarantee is designed to ensure that your decision to use the Capillary Material in your bunkers is a risk-free decision. If installation procedures are followed and there is a failure, the product will be removed and replaced by Capillary Concrete.

Our guarantee is not simply a “Limited Product Warranty” as offered by other companies. The Performance Guarantee ensures that the Capillary Material installed will perform without fail over at least a period of 15 years, if you also have the Capillary Wash Box installed.

How it works

Earlier generations of drainage & moisture solutions for golf courses, sports grounds and spaces on the market have not always performed as promised. That can mean additional costs, as well as interruptions to business and usage. That’s why we want to remove the worry and provide all our clients with the opportunity to make a risk-free buying decision of our technology.

We now offer a 15-year performance guarantee on our complete capillary bunker system and equestrian sand footing solution, including liner, vaults, and washboxes.  

We are so confident in the performance of our washbox that by installing it with your Capillary bunker liner or equestrian footing, we are now extending our 10-year warranty by 50% to a full 15-year performance guarantee.

In addition to promising our technology will maintain its performance for 15 years, the following benefits will be realized when choosing us as a supplier: 

Strongest on the market, environmentally safe
Drains perfectly and maintains ideal moisture levels
Easy to install
Patented moisture control for firm bunker faces and the right horse footing
Unaffected by frozen ground or hot/humid climates
Significantly reduces maintenance costs

The Capillary Material is tested and verified in official ASTM testing protocols and is the only product on the market that can offer a complete 15-year Performance Guarantee Program for bunker installation. Our Performance Guarantee provides ultimate peace-of-mind and security when purchasing Capillary Concrete patented technology (Patent no US 9,095,763 B2) for bunker constructions, sports grounds and other spaces.

The terms of the Performance Guarantee is 15 years of complete coverage with no deductions, which is unique in the golf industry.
The coverage is built into the product being installed, so there are no additional costs or surprise charges.
Details for the Performance Guarantee are addressed in the sales agreement. You can rest assured your installation is covered.
Installers are an integral part of this offering to make sure it’s done right the first time and performs as promised. Installers receive a procedures checklist that must be followed to ensure the installation meets standards for coverage.
CapillaryFlow will be responsible for your project from start to finish. We want to protect the value of your investment.
After your CapillaryFlow installation is complete, you will receive a certificate naming your project and assigning a project number, which is then registered under our Master Policy.
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