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Capillary Concrete is now CapillaryFlow!

During 2023 Capillary Concrete rebranded to CapillaryFlow

1. To better resemble the diversity of our product portfolio
2. To better highlight our superiority to control the flow of moisture in sand, soil and other materials used to build golf bunkers, sports surfaces and green city areas. Please find what you were looking for below or contact us.

Solutions for golf courses, equestrian arenas and sports grounds

Ozarks National

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri


From pristine golf bunkers to precisely trimmed golf greens, our proprietary solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Show Jumping Arenas

Grass arenas grown in sand


Be it grass or sand, with superior drainage and irrigation controls our CapillaryFlow solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the best arena footings in the world.


Baseball pitch and fields with Capillary Hydroponics and Material


American football

American Football

American Football natural turf

Solutions for green infrastructure and greenscapes in cities

Our Capillary Hydroponics solution turns hardscaped surfaces into breathable, living spaces that augment the positive effects of greenery in urban environments.

Green cities

Ångfärjeparken Helsingborg enabled by CapillaryFlow technology
Capillary Hydroponics grass icon

Capillary Hydroponics

Ozarks National


Are you looking for pervious concrete or want to learn more about our proprietary Capillary Material?

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Patented Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete that drains quickly and retains its strength over time

Our patented polymer-based concrete is the only in the world to rapidly drain water at high pace and at the same time moving water up, making it possible to regulate the moisture consistency of sand, soil and turfgrass.

Use cases

Capillary Pervious Concrete has been installed in over 1000 sports grounds and arenas worldwide.

Ozarks National

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri

Hydroponic Grass

Grass rooted to perfection in any condition

By using Capillary Pervious Concrete as a fine layer between the drainage layer and subsurface layer, we are able to water and fertilize the grass from below. Our Hydroponic system ensures that the grass grows healthier with stronger roots, thanks to an automated moving water table that helps to oxygenate the grass and expel CO2 at the same time.

Equestrian sand or grass arenas with superior drainage and irrigation control with Capillary Hydroponics

All year round riding

Sports grounds

Durable and beautiful sport venues all year round

By using Capillary Pervious Concrete, you can control the surface's moisture level for optimal playability and rideability characteristics, whether it is sand or grass. At the same time, any surface will rapidly drain to ensure that there is never any standing water that interferes with usage or leads to increased maintenance.

Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass

Vision: Gothenburg, Central Station, Sweden


Hardscapes that drain fast and grass that lasts

The Capillary Pervious Concrete provides superior drainage for both hardscapes and grass. The self-watering Capillary Hydroponic system generates grass that withstands cold, drought and wear, allowing more surfaces to have grass for longer periods of time throughout the year.

Homogenous mix enables strength

Capillary Concrete combines macropores with micropores to quickly move water down with the force of gravity for drainage, and up against the force of gravity with capillary force. The material’s polymers are what create microscopic connections in the actual binding agent of the Capillary Concrete. At the same time, it has the strength of concrete but with additional attributes that helps with drainage and sub-surface irrigation.

Pervious concrete

CC with GVY (zero suction)

Pervious concrete

Day 3

Pervious concrete

Mainly adhesive hold water

Quick and easy installation

Installation can be done in-house or by a contractor in almost any weather condition, season or geography.

With over 1,000 worldwide installed venues, we know our way around. Additionally, we have an extensive Partner Network that can install our product when we can’t.

Capillary Pervious concrete installation is quick and easy

Easy to install

Built to withstand even the toughest environments

Capillary Concrete can withstand even the harshest climates with severe winter ground freezing conditions and large amounts of precipitation. With Capillary Hydroponics the grass will stay healthier for extended seasons - with the possibility to even heat the irrigating water.

No freeze-thaw damage

Ready for heavy precipitation

Extended season

Total drainage control

Keep arenas, courses and spaces dry

Superior drainage capability compared to hardscape surfaces and sand & grass sitting on traditional ground layering. 

Drains 100” per hour
Decreases flooding
Decreases pressure on water systems
CapillaryFlow Sand Arenas
How CapillaryFlow helps keep the perfect sand moisture zone
Perfect moisture level

Regulate moisture levels in any condition

Regardless of top layer, season and geography the surface will always have the moisture level of your choice through subsurface irrigation.

Stronger grass
Subsurface heating
No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides
Moisture and Irrigation
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