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Achieve full mud control for your horse dry lots, turnout areas, and paddocks

Control moisture and eradicate mud locked paddocks and poached uneven footing in your turnouts

With CapillaryFlow’s superior drainage and moisture control, capable of handling 100 mm of water per hour, you can be confident in achieving a dry and well-drained turnout area with optimal footing for horses.


No dust. No mud. Just the perfect moisture level.

Mud management of paddocks and turnouts has never been easier

Complete moisture and drainage control to keep turnouts and paddocks in perfect condition. Capillary Turnouts…


Soil contamination

Sand replacement due to contamination

Excessive maintenance

Mud control grids

unnecessary horse care management caused by excessive mud

Extra material or rubber mats

Need for mud boots


Dry footing for turnouts & paddocks

Mud-free turnouts and paddocks

Reduced disease proneness

Extended footing life length by washing the footing sand

Easier access for vehicles and for feeding

We take pride in having provided superior footing and mud control to prestigious farms, as well as indoor & outdoor riding arenas

IDA Farm

Christer Egerström

By far the biggest advantage of riding on the Capillary Flow arena now is that I never have to worry about the surface not being even or too wet. I can be confident that my horses are always getting the best conditions to perform at their best and that they will last.

Dr Ricardo Gutierez

The horses under my care that have been ridden during this past year on the CapillaryFlow system footing has been a very positive one. The consistency (no dry spots or wet spots) of the footing throughout the day has greatly reduced the necessity of intervention on my part on the horses articulations. In general I have found the Capillary system to be of great benefit in keeping the horses healthy and supple during their training routines.

How it works


A dry, all-weather footing for paddocks and turnouts

With superior drainage and subsurface moisture control, along with the Wash Box add-on that allows you to wash the sand to remove dirt and other organic contaminants, your paddock and turnout will always have perfectly clean and moisturized footing.


A drainage layer that works

The Capillary Material efficiently drains precipitation to prevent water from sitting in the paddock, turnout, or pen. At the same time, it remains dense and robust enough to prevent the migration of sand into the drainage layer and pipes, thereby increasing its lifespan and maintaining its performance over time.


Subsurface moisture control for the perfect footing

By moving moisture against gravity through the Capillary Material into the sand, the moisture levels remain perfect for a safe and reliable footing. 

Safer footing for your horses

A footing option that is less prone to diseases

Disease-proof your turnout and paddock with our all-weather dry footing option.

Keep your horses healthier with footing that reduces risk of mold, thrush, and the need for additional hoof care or other equipment for hoof protection

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With Capillary Turnouts, maintenance is significantly reduced

Simplify your life as a horse owner by using a turnout area that requires less maintenance

The perfect drainage and mud-control solution for dry footing and mud-free…

Pens & round pens




Turnout area and lots

Turnout entrances


Pasture entrances and pathways

Muddy gateways

Choose between a full turnout or focus on just the entrance, gateway and path

Certain areas are more prone to mud accumulation than others. With CapillaryFlow, you have the flexibility to either cover your entire turnout area or specifically address those zones that frequently encounter muddy conditions during inclement weather.

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Significantly increase the longevity of your turnout’s sand

The sand can be easily washed & disinfected to remove algae, organic material and small particles of clay and silt, making it naturally safer for horses to ride on, as well as long lasting

Sand is reusable
Longer sand lifespan
Consistent quality
Pristine looks

Our Equestrian solutions are easy to install and maintain

CapillaryFlow’s solutions enable optimal riding and hoof conditions in any weather for turnouts, pens, paddocks, runs, corralls, and arenas. This is achieved through the implementation of subsurface moisture control and a patented hydraulic geostructure.

Sand Arenas

Build reliable sand arenas without standing water, dust or additives

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Hydroponic Grass Arenas

Grass Arenas

Healthy strong grass for a lush riding experience year round

We are Globally present

Our solutions have been installed in more than 1,500 venues in 47 countries across the world


Gothenburg, Sweden

US Office

Wellington, Florida

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Capillary Material Installations worldwide

We make year-round dry turnouts, paddocks and pens possible

With superior drainage capabilities compared to other solutions, and subsurface moisturization of the footing sand, we make it possible to achieve the perfect turnout and paddock footing all year round

Build your next generation turnout with CapillaryFlow

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