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Durability & Maintenance

Durable surfaces that are significantly easier to maintain

CapillaryFlow provides the technology to build durable, low-maintenance greens and spaces for sport and leisure.

Soild performance and simple to build

Improve the wear tolerance and life length of your sport grounds and spaces

Surfaces constructed with CapillaryFlow solutions are more durable than similar systems for a number of reasons. Here is how it differs →

Groundwork that stands the test of time

The durability of the Capillary Material ensures the groundwork doesn’t deteriorate over time. The porosity lets fluids sift through but particles don't migrate into subsequent layers, or eventually into the drainage and irrigation systems at all.

Fewer moving parts

The Capillary Hydroponics and Capillary Bunkers relies on very few mechanical components, making it less prone to breakdowns.

A complete system

Other irrigation and drainage systems rely on many mechanical components, with varied limited life length. By using a single ecosystem, maintenance is easier to manage and address.

Capillary Material

Stronger grass

Capillary Geothermal

Stronger grass with deeper roots

The Capillary Hydroponics system is efficient and ensures that the grass grows stronger with deeper roots, providing outstanding wear-, shade-, disease-, drought- and heat stress-tolerance, excellent tensile strength and faster establishment.

CapillaryFlow Football and Soccer Hydroponics fields

Faster growth and recovery from wear

The grow-in time is halved with a more rapid root establishment is made possible because of improved gas-exchange in root zones, making recovery after wear faster and more effective.

Easier and less maintenance sets up for long-term success

Long lifespan

We offer a 10 year performance guarantee of the Capillary Material. Many times, it holds up much longer than that. Our Hydroponic lawns has an expected life length of +50 years, five times as much as artificial grass.

Wash sand without removing it

The Capillary Wash Box lets you wash condition bunker sand and horse sand footing back to new again, easier and less costly than replacing it.

Sand that stays in place

Sand bunkers and horse arenas won’t have to be manually irrigated or spot raked so frequently as sand never gets too wet or too dry.

Stronger grass

The Capillary Hydroponics grows stronger grass that needs less verticutting and slitting, deep loosening and core aeration and mowing, and there are no costly replacements or maintenance of sand-clogged irrigation and drainage systems.


Durability and load resistance adjusted to your specifications and use case

Choose the size of the gravel for the Capillary Material to adjust the durability, drainage capacity and moisture holding characteristics to the intended characteristics of the ground

Subsurface irrigation and moisture control makes it possible to choose the playing characteristics and durability of the ground depending on its usage.

Capillary Material Bunker Liners easy installation

Capillary Material

A surface that stands the pressure

Surfaces constructed with the Capillary Material withstands pressure of +1000 PSI or 6,800 pounds but still has sufficient G-MAX rating of 90-115 to be safe to use.

G-MAX rating of 90-115

Automated maintenance

Automate the upkeep of your turf

Technology that works for you

Remote monitoring of grass growth

Monitor and adjust water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and electrical conductivity remotely.

Use data to your advantage

The amount of pesticides and fertilizers in root zones are measured constantly to increase or decrease the amount needed to ensure the growth of health grass.

Automated circulation of pesticides and fertilizers

Control the distribution of pesticides and fertilizers by adding it into the subsurface irrigation system on a set schedule. Controlled via app.

In-built biofilters

All water drained is automatically and filtered through the Capillary Material and an additional biofilter in the basin to filter particles that are harmful for the environment.

Increased play-time

Subsurface irrigation means, no interruptions in turf use, during the day or night. In addition, automated robotic mowers can trim grass even when everyone is sleeping.

Less human interference

Sensors make it possible for water levels to automatically adjust themselves depending on if it needs to drain or contain moisture.

10 year performance guarantee

ROI & Guarantee
Durable courses all year round, with decreased maintenance cost and 85% less water consumption
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