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Capillary Material

Superior drainage for any grass or sand surface

Ground constructed with Capillary Material drains at a capacity of
100 mm per hour

Pervious concrete

Drains quickly and retains its strength over time

The patented Capillary Material works like a paper towel placed under sand, which will more effectively soak up excessive moisture from the ground through its capillary pores and disperse it through the drainage layer or store it in the subground layer.

Capillary Material
Pervious concrete

CC with GVY (zero suction)

Pervious concrete

Day 3

Pervious concrete

Mainly adhesive hold water

Here is how Capillary Material works

Easy installation

The installation process is simple yet important for a functioning system. By priming the Capillary Material the right way it becomes dense enough in porosity to sustain performance and bear resistance over time, with no clogging of drainage gravel and pipes.

Surface drainage of 100” per hour

When precipitation hits the surface, regardless if grass, sand or soil, the water drains at a high capacity to avoid sitting water. Through the closed system, the  drainage pipes collect water and lead it to a well which will empty and drain automatically if it gets full.

Use of open growing medium

The Capillary Material and capillary Hydroponics can be used with any top or sublayer material. By using sand, an open growing medium, drainage is improved further compared to using sticky and plastic soil.

Water is automatically collected or dispersed

Depending on if you choose an enclosed or open system, the water will drain out into adjacent soil or underground basins respectively.

Groundwork that stands the test of time

The Capillary Material has a performance guarantee of 10 years. Drainage will work as intended and migration of particles into the drainage layer will not take place as long as maintenance is conducted correctly.


No waterlogged surfaces
Dryer surfaces less prone to diseases
No migration of particles into drainage and irrigation systems
Increased utilization of spaces


Sand sitting on soil or liners becomes waterlogged quickly upon heavy precipitation. Using the Capillary Material as a subgrade layer avoids migration of particles into drainage systems and gives the sand superior drainage capabilities. This means no waterlogged bunker bases or sitting water in arenas.

Capillary Bunker Liners

Golf courses


Because Capillary Hydroponics allows the grass to be grown in a very open medium, the drainage capabilities are superior compared to soil-grown grass. This allows for pitches, fairways, greens, tees and grass horse arenas that will perform superbly in any weather.

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Hydroponic Grass Arenas

Equestrian arenas


Automated collection and distribution of water

Creating infiltration areas to lessen the risk of flooding in urban areas

Collecting rainwater and using it over a long period of time for subsurface irrigation of a turfgrass area that can withstand heavy traffic is an excellent solution for many urban problems.

CapillaryFlow Football Arenas

Flexible drainage

Water management

Capillary Hydroponics is flexible and can be adjusted to your drainage needs

By altering the size of the drainage layer you can choose how much water to collect

Depending on your use case, area or location your drainage needs may vary. That is why we have made an adaptable system where your need comes first.

Enclosed system with natural sand and underground basins
Natural Biofilter

Strain, sift and filter for the environment

Using an enclosed system with natural sand and underground basins, it filters all water naturally from air and water pollution and then collects it to be reused. By using subsurface irrigation and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides in the water there is no leaching of harmful substances or microplastics into adjacent soil, surrounding water streams or ground water.

Total drainage control even after a storm

No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides with CapillaryFlow

No leakage of fertilizers, pesticides and particles

Capillary Hydroponic Grass

No free-thaw damage

Consistent horse arena quality

Top performance all year round

Water consumption

Naturally collecting rainwater and distributing it from below decreases water consumption

Studies indicate our system has up to 85% less water consumption than overhead irrigation

Significantly reduced maintenance

The Capillary Hydroponics grows stronger grass that needs less verticutting and slitting, deep loosening and core aeration and mowing, and there are no costly replacements or maintenance of sand-clogged irrigation and drainage systems. Due to the drainage capabilities the surface will be dryer and hence less prone to fungicides, pesticides and other diseases. Sand bunkers and horse arenas won’t have to be irrigated or spot raked and no particles will migrate into the drainage system.

Lower maintenance with Capillary Hydroponics
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