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Capillary Material

Rapidly drain and regulate moisture levels for sand & grass areas & spaces

The patented Capillary Material is the only building material that can effectively move water the same two ways water moves in soils and sand, through capillary action and gravity.

Homogenous mix enables strength

Capillary Material combines macropores with micropores to quickly move water down with the force of gravity for drainage, and up against the force of gravity with capillary force. The material’s polymers are what create microscopic connections in the actual binding agent of the Capillary Concrete. At the same time, it has the strength of concrete but with additional attributes that helps with drainage and sub-surface irrigation.

Pervious concrete

CC with GVY (zero suction)

Pervious concrete

Day 3

Pervious concrete

Mainly adhesive hold water

The Capillary Material enables a surface that stands the pressure

Surfaces constructed with the Capillary Material withstands pressure of +1000 PSI or 6,800 pounds but still has sufficient G-MAX rating of 90-115 to be safe to use.

The Capillary Material ensures a level foundation

The durability of the Capillary Material ensures the groundwork of equestrian arenas doesn’t deteriorate over time. The porosity of the Capillary Material lets fluids sift through but particles won’t migrate into subsequent layers, or eventually into the drainage and irrigation systems at all.

Capillary Material ensures a level foundation
Flexible material

Durability and load resistance adjusted to your specifications and use case

Choose the size of the gravel for the Capillary Material to adjust the durability, drainage capacity and moisture holding characteristics to the intended characteristics of the ground

Using subsurface irrigation and moisture control, golf courses, horse arenas, cities and sport grounds can choose the durability and characteristics of the ground they install depending on the characteristics they want to offer to players, horses, riders and people.

Works for soils with varying load-bearing capacity
Any rootzone material provided enough porosity
No need for organics in rootzone material
Acts like a distributor of loads and no settling ever occurs
Avoids settling with 1000 psi layer
Create optimal riding conditions with CapillaryFlow solutions
How CapillaryFlow helps keep the perfect sand moisture zone
Perfect moisture level

Regulate moisture levels in any condition

Regardless of top layer, season and geography the surface will always have the moisture level of your choice through subsurface irrigation.

Stronger grass
Subsurface heating
No leakage of fertilizers and pesticides
Moisture & Irrigation

Built to withstand even the toughest environments

Capillary Material can withstand even the harshest climates with severe winter ground freezing conditions and large amounts of precipitation. With Capillary Hydroponics the grass will stay healthier for extended seasons - with the possibility to even heat the irrigated water.

Capillary Hydroponic Grass

No freeze-thaw damage

Ready for heavy precipitation

Extended season

Quick and easy installation

Installation can be done in-house or by a contractor in almost any weather condition, season or geography.

With over 1,000 worldwide installed venues, we know our way around. Additionally, we have an extensive Partner Network that can install our product when we can’t.

Capillary Pervious concrete installation is quick and easy
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