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IDA Farm

Harry Knopp | Christer Egerström
Owner of IDA farm and IDA development | Dressage Olympic rider and trainer, who uses IDA farm’s indoor arena
IDA Farm

Wellington, Florida

The approach

As a farm owner, I now never have to worry about irrigation heads breaking, the wind blowing the irrigation away, or problems with parts of the arena being too wet or too dry. All those problems have gone away. The fact that we have 170 horses riding on it with no complaints says quite a lot about how the system really works and holds up despite extremely heavy use.


IDA Farm sits on an impressive 22.5 acres in Wellington, Florida. It has six barns with 130 stalls and 36 paddocks.

About the installation

Earlier, strong winds used to cause overhead irrigation heads to break, which led to the ground being watered unevenly. We also got complaints about the footing from customers who rent stalls. I was also always aware of how the wind was blowing and constantly checking to see if the footing was moist enough.

Before Capillary Flow was installed here at IDA, I experienced that the tracks could be too wet if they had just been watered. In the afternoon, the tracks got dusty, hard and even slippery. During the day, it was very difficult to find the perfect moment to ride, when the surface was ideal for my horses.

By far the biggest advantage of riding on the CapillaryFlow arena now is that I never have to worry about the surface not being even or too wet. I am confident that my horses are always getting the best conditions to perform at their best and that these conditions will last.

The best and most important part of using the CapillaryFlow system in our arena is that we now have the best surface in the world for our horses.


The biggest difference I feel is that the footing is always even – from morning to night. The moisture is always exact. I feel [the difference] immediately on the horses when I ride on Capillary compared to another arena.

We have a vet that visits our stable every four months. According to the vet, one of our older horses that I now only ride on the CapillaryFlow arena has never been better.

Veterinary costs have gone down tremendously on my horses.

Highlighted results

Return on Investment

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