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Echo Valley Country Club

Ryan Lux
Head Golf Course Superintendent – ★ 2019 Iowa superintendent of the year
Echo Valley Country Club

Norwalk, Iowa

The approach


About the installation

All three courses completed between October2021 and October 2022 (Vale, Ridge, & Creek)


Our experience with Capillary and the improvements made have been ‘Top notch’ 

“Before installing Capillary, our labor costs were excruciatingly high, and it would take eight or nine guys three days to get the course back into condition after a significant weather event.”

“Since doing the work, the improvement is huge, and obvious,” Lux says. “Before, the wash outs we were getting were just terrible. The worst weather we have had since has been three inches of rain in about nineteen hours, and what I have seen is that we are not repairing bunkers anymore. Now, one guy can go out and it is a half hour job to fix the bunkers. The liner system will pay for itself over the life of the ten-year guarantee, easily.”

Highlighted results

Return on Investment

Man hours saved per year

Payback time

Saved per year