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Stockholms Golfklubb

Christian Lundin
Architect, Andreas Wahlberg Superintendent
Stockholms Golfklubb

Kevinge, Stockholm, Sweden

The approach


About the installation

“Working with Capillary Bunkers to restore design at historic Stockholms Golfklubb”


It all started with the famous words: “If I am going to touch this course it needs to be a true restoration”! The quote came from Golf Course Architect, Christian Lundin and led the board to resonate with the members. Therefore, after extensive discussion and historical research, the project got under way at the beginning of July 2021.

Lundin and the club chose to use Capillary Bunkers to secure the design’s long-term future. “When they built the course, I’m certain they built it to the best standards they could. The same is true nowadays,” he says. “We’re not trying to restore 1932 maintenance standards. We want to give them a playing experience that matches what they had back then, but with modern standards.” The course’s 92 bunkers were restored to match early photographs – of which research has revealed a very good bank. “Our process is to look at the old views and I do hand sketches of what we want to replicate,” says the architect.

Golf Course Superintendent Andreas Wahlberg says that the use of Capillary Bunkers are about to free time for his team to focus on preserving the historical aesthetic of the new bunkers. “Over the years, like many older courses, we had lost the shape of the golf course, mostly to make it easier to maintain,” he explains. “The new bunkers are more consistent and easier to maintain. If I’m not worrying about drainage and flooding, then I can give more attention to maintaining a more complex and esthetic bunker edge.”

The restored course opened completely in spring 2022.

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