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Horseshoe Bay Resort

Rey Gomez
Horseshoe Bay Resort

Horshoe Bay, Texas

The approach

After having a fabric liner installed the Club realized that its deterioration made for a lengthy process to repair bunkers after rain events, and therefore decided to install Capillary Bunkers after researching different solutions. ”Our Capillary Bunkers hold the sand in place so that we do not have to spend hundreds of man hours moving sand in bunkers. This has allowed for our labor to be focused on other projects’, says Rey Gomez, Superintendent.“ The fact that we are not having to to constantly repair the fabric in the bunkers and the amount of material and man hours the Club has seen an instant reduction of labor costs by 75%.


Horseshoe Bay Resort is home to three award-winning golf courses (Slick Rock, Apple Rock, Ram Rock) all designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr., as well as a Jack Nicklaus Signature course (Summit Rock) which was named ”Best New Course in America” by Golf Digest, offering its members the ultimate golfing experience. Horseshoe Bay Resort was named as one of ”America’s Best Golf Resorts” by Golf Magazine and is featured annually in the ”50 Best Courses in Texas”. Horseshoe Bay Resort is the consummate Texas golf desitination.

About the installation

Two Courses are currently installed with Capillary Bunkers, Apple Rock and Summit Rock from 2018.


The product was very easy to install and was able to be shaped perfectly within our bunkers. The entire process was much easier than expected. If I only had one thing to say about Capillary Bunkers, it would be just in labor savings alone IT MAKES SENSE.

I am also very impressed by how well Capillary Bunkers drain after a large rain event. It has a vacuum effect and drains very quickly. Our team moral has improved knowing that they won’t have to shovel or push sand around after a large rain event. Most importantly, our Members enjoy the consistency of the bunkers as they notice a difference in the playability and consistency of sand depths. When we renovate the other courses they will include Capillary Bunkers because of our fantastic results we have experienced.

Highlighted results


Return on Investment


Man hours saved per year

2.1 years

Payback time


Saved per year