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Platinum Clubs of America 2023-24

Meet us at Platinum Clubs of America 2023-24!

Las Vegas, NV

February 24, 2024



Greg Nichols

National Sales Manager U.S.

Scott Grego

Sales & Installation Manager, West U.S. & CaSA


We are thrilled to attend Platinum Clubs of America 2023-24

About the Event

The Platinum Clubs of America is a prestigious recognition in the private club industry, established in 1997 by John R. Sibbald. Platinum status, determined by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board, is awarded in five categories: Country Clubs, Golf, City, Athletic, and Yacht Club.

Each year, members of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), Club Presidents, and Owners cast confidential votes in the Platinum Clubs of America election, selecting clubs that exemplify excellence. The selection process includes Seven Criteria updated to remain relevant in the changing time.

In 2023-24, various clubs across categories like Golf and City Clubs earned honors. The event provides a platform where attendees can interact with the leaders of these eminent clubs, gaining insights into the private club industry.

The Platinum Clubs of America event is an invaluable opportunity for networking and learning in the private club industry.

Our Presentation

We will be showcasing our latest solutions, aimed at enhancing the golf experience. Our offerings include the patented Capillary Wash Box, Capillary Edge, Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Geothermal, Capillary Hydroponics, and how they all blend together the perfect golf course experience. Learn more about each product below.

Book a Meeting

Interested in a one-on-one discussion? We'd love to dive deeper into how our solutions can meet your needs. Schedule a meeting with us further below or drop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you!