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CapillaryFlow Bunker upgrade at The Country Club of New Canaan

CapillaryFlow Bunker upgrade at The Country Club of New Canaan
November 12, 2018

New Canaan, CN

CapillaryFlow Bunker Upgrade: You know exactly what you’re going to get’, says superintendent of club, one of the hundred oldest golf clubs in America.

New Canaan, Connecticut, 12 November 2018 — The Country Club of New Canaan, one of the oldest golf clubs in America, is three years into a five year masterplanning process with architect Andrew Green. And, according to superintendent Michael Roe, the CapillaryFlow bunker liner system, is an essential part of that project.

Capillary Concrete Bunker Upgrade

The club was founded in 1893, which makes it one of the hundred oldest golf clubs in America, and its first nine holes were designed in 1895 by the legendary Willie Park Jr, twice an Open champion, on his first trip to the United States. Walter Travis designed the second nine in the early 1920s. As well as the course renovation headed up by Green, the club is working on a massive clubhouse rebuild at the moment.

Michael Roe said: “The first year we worked with Andrew, we renovated two holes, using a different bunker liner, and I wasn’t in love with how it performed, because the strength and durability was just not there. After year one, we switched to CapillaryFlow, and I’m certain that we will stick with it for the rest of the course. Concrete is just stronger when all is said and done. The level of oversight during the installation process is just better. With CapillaryFlow, their guys come with a plan and jointly you approve it – you know exactly what you are going to get, which is a two inch solid base right through every bunker.”

CapillaryFlow product expert Rusty McLendon said: “New Canaan has a ton of history and a really neat golf course. But what has impressed me the most from working with them is the attention to detail showed by Mike Roe and his team. Every time I go there, I ride around the course with Mike, and I see something new and different. They worked all winter long building dry stone walls throughout the property, and they are beautiful. To have someone with such an eye for detail telling us our product is the best one out there is very satisfying.”

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