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Press Release

CapillaryFlow expands with key appointments to drive growth, innovation and excellence

Editorial Team
CapillaryFlow expands with key appointments to drive growth, innovation and excellence
August 25, 2023

Wellington, FL

CapillaryFlow is in an exciting phase of growth and expansion in 2023 – stepping into new territories, further refining its technology, and fostering strategic collaborations. Guided by its mission to provide sustainable, durable, and trouble-free greens and grounds for sport and leisure, the company is thrilled to welcome three new members to its team. Each addition reflects the company's commitment to enhancing sports ground construction and maintenance, bolstering partnerships, and serving diverse terrains.

Joe Limberg, Sales and Installation Manager, Florida

Bringing a wealth of experience from his 37-year tenure at Hector Turf, Joe Limberg is a valuable addition to the CapillaryFlow team as the Sales and Installation Manager for Florida. 

Beginning as a Territory Manager covering Palm Beach County, a hub of golf courses, he steadily progressed to Sales Manager, overseeing six representatives and venturing into the flourishing Caribbean market. Over time, his role expanded to encompass sales and service division-wide.

Limberg’s expertise in optimizing the selling of irrigation and maintenance equipment packages aligns seamlessly with CapillaryFlow's comprehensive solutions approach. His enthusiasm for the golf industry and solid reputation resonate well with the company's culture. In discussions, it became apparent that Joe's values and expertise align with CapillaryFlow's mission. As the team welcomes Limberg, his customer-centric approach and adept problem-solving are anticipated to contribute to the company's pursuit of excellence.

“Joining Capillary Flow feels natural as my experience aligns with the company's mission of providing sustainable, enduring, and hassle-free grounds for sports and leisure,” said Limberg. “It's not just a job; it's a shared passion to redefine industry standards. I look forward to engaging with customers and addressing their needs."

Joe Limberg, New Sales and Installation Manager for Florida

Carl Folkesson, Product Development Officer, Sweden

Carl Folkesson, a proficient mechatronics engineer who recently graduated from Chalmers University, is joining CapillaryFlow as a Product Development Officer. With a diverse background, he has contributed to cutting-edge projects at Husqvarna, playing a significant role in creating autonomous robots for concrete floor grinding, and in the aviation industry, where he was instrumental in developing control functions for electric aircraft.

Notably, this isn't his first encounter with CapillaryFlow. During his master's studies, he dedicated his part-time efforts to developing a prototype of FlowTrack, a groundbreaking system for measuring and controlling water quality. It was during this period that he felt a strong alignment with CapillaryFlow's entrepreneurial spirit.

Folkesson’s decision to rejoin the company is driven by his passion for pioneering unique solutions. He firmly believes in the potential of CapillaryFlow's product, which offers a breakthrough in greening urban spaces and enhancing sports surfaces. He will be deeply engaged in the product development of Capillary Hydroponics, with his primary focus being advancing the R&D of FlowTrack and other product development and innovation efforts.

“Joining CapillaryFlow feels like coming home to a community that shares my passion for innovation,” said Folkesson. “My journey so far has reinforced my belief in technology's power to transform industries and our lives. I'm excited to contribute to CapillaryFlow's journey of revolutionizing how the world approaches turf growth with the goal of environmental sustainability.”

Carl Folkesson, Product Development Officer

James Smith, Sales & Installations Manager, Canada

James Smith, a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the golf industry, has joined CapillaryFlow as Sales & Installations Manager, Canada, making a significant addition to the team.

In his new role, Smith will spearhead the expansion of CapillaryFlow's presence across Canadian provinces and territories, ensuring top-notch sales & technical support for all installations. CapillaryFlow's products are relatively new in the Canadian market, and Smith is enthusiastic about introducing them to golf courses across the country.

In his career, Smith has held diverse roles in both public and private golf courses, ranging from superintendent to general manager. Beyond the course, he has imparted his knowledge, teaching golf course management, design, turf, construction, and business leadership at the post-secondary level to students worldwide. With an extensive network throughout the country and over 25 years of experience, he is poised to play a pivotal role in establishing CapillaryFlow as an industry leader in Canada.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Smith operated his own consulting business for years. The unique, reputable, and high-quality product offered by CapillaryFlow, combined with its progressive corporate culture, drew him to the team. His passion lies in close collaboration with superintendents and decision-makers to enhance courses and provide effective solutions.

"Joining CapillaryFlow is an exciting opportunity for me to leverage my years of experience in the golf industry,” said Smith. “I'm eager to introduce this game-changing product to the Canadian market and work hand-in-hand with superintendents and decision-makers to elevate the quality of golf courses. I firmly believe that CapillaryFlow's innovative solutions will reshape the landscape of sports grounds, and I'm thrilled to be part of this journey.”

James Smith, responsible for Sales and Installations in the Canadian Market

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CapillaryFlow makes it possible to design baseball fields that are able to withstand tough playing conditions as well as ensure a healthy game experience for players.

Capillary Bunkers

Our proprietary Capillary Material makes it possible to have a bunker liner that rapidly drain while also retaining adequate sand moisture, creating the perfect playing conditions in golf course bunkers.

Capillary Edge

Use a durable bunker edge that molds and bends to any shape to ensure exact original bunker shapes throughout your bunkers’ lifetime, with no soil that ever escapes into the bunker sand

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Capillary Geothermal

Capillary Geothermal distributes an even heat regardless of ground profile and let grass grow and sports be played for longer throughout the season.

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Capillary Hydroponics

The Capillary Hydroponics system enables us to grow strong and durable grass with significantly less maintenance and environmental impact


Optimal riding conditions in any weather by providing a ground material technology  offering superior drainage capacity and enabling use of subsurface moisture control - for the optimal footing


Capillary Hydroponic turf lengthens the season with natural strong grass that stays healthier even with a busy schedule


From pristine golf bunkers to precisely trimmed golf greens, our proprietary solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Green Cities

Our Capillary Hydroponics solution turns hardscaped surfaces into breathable, living spaces that augment the positive effects of greenery in urban environments.

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