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ClearWater washpad water recycling system in Scandinavia

ClearWater washpad water recycling system in Scandinavia
October 26, 2015


Forging ahead with ClearWater

Highspeed Group Ltd is forging ahead with increased sales of their very popular ClearWater washpad water recycling system at home and abroad.

Buoyed by the volume of enquiries this year, Highspeed has seen a significant increase in business both in the UK and abroad for ClearWater. Said MD David Mears: “The interest really has been exceptional and we put it down to two things: 1) the increasing awareness of legal requirements and 2) our latest marketing campaign. We are certainly now recognised as the nation’s most popular recycling system of its type.”

ClearWater was introduced in England in 2003 to help those in turf management meet the increasingly stringent demands of legislation. When the latest Groundwater (England and Wales) Regulations 2009 and The Water Environment (Groundwater and Priority Substances) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 were introduced, it was plainly evident that Highspeed’s decision to introduce ClearWater was the right one. No longer would it be possible to wash down to ground and even the use of a Separator (Interceptor), discharging to ground would be forbidden. If you cannot discharge from a Separator to foul sewer, you don’t install one unless you discharge to a huge holding tank and pay for frequent pump-outs!

Much of ClearWater’s success has been built on keeping things simple. “We’d seen the introduction, mostly from the USA, of what we considered over-engineered above ground recycling systems” said David Mears, but we thought there had to be a simpler, more effective way of producing a recycling system and one that would not be vulnerable to the fluctuations of the British climate.” He and business partner Andy Vincent set about the task and developed ClearWater, a system with few moving parts (“less to wrong!” as they said) and one that would be installed safely below ground. It was a hit, did what it was supposed to, was cost effective and required minimal maintenance. Today’s ClearWater still meets the same criteria but has been developed over the years into the 5000 litre single compartmentalised system that is so popular.

Success in England led to appointments of distributors for Scotland and the Irish Republic. Later France and Germany were added to Highspeed’s markets and more recently, Scandinavia has come on board with a Swedish distributor appointed: Capillary Concrete AB.

Highspeed, following exhaustive trials, is now about to launch a new system, ClearWater Commercial, to open up new markets for use with high end vehicles requiring more intensive treatment.

For details of the latest offers on ClearWater see, contact Highspeed Group Ltd on 0845 600 3572 or e-mail


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