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Foreseeing the Future with Capillary Concrete

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Foreseeing the Future with Capillary Concrete
September 6, 2019

Orlando, FL

GCSAA-TV Capillary Hydroponics: Solution for the Future

Click the image to see Capillary Concrete’s Tv Spot with the GCSAA (Hawk’s Landing GC)

Thanks to superintendent Josh Kelly and his team over at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Orlando, FL for allowing us to test this innovative new hydroponic system. More to come!

2019 Solheim Cup to play at Gleneagles

par – 3 13th hole at Gleneagles Queen’s Course (photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

The 2019 Solheim Cup will be playing at Geneagles in Scotland next week. The Solheim Cup will be played at the Jack Nicklaus designed Centenary Course 5 years after the 2014 Ryder Cup was held there. Next door the The Centenary Course is Gleneagles Queen’s Course which, after recent renovation overseen by Scott Fenwick (Golf Courses and Estates Manager), saw all 89 bunkers on the course being lined with Capillary Concrete to improve drainage. Capillary Concrete helps to control hydration and moisture content in the bunkers and insures the best playing conditions year round in any location.

Royal Norwich Completes Installation of Capillary Concrete

(Royal Norwich Club, Norwich, Norfolk) Thanks to Peter Todd and his team for this awesome opportunity

Royal Norwich, set to open later this month, has just finished installing all 60 of its bunkers with Capillary Concrete. Manager Peter Todd says, “We did sixty bunkers in thirteen days; it was very efficient…The cost worked out great too – it was around half the price of the two-layer solutions.”

The Power of Capillary Concrete

Click the image to see the impact Capillary Concrete can have on your bunkers. (Video explained by Ryan Fury – Grounds Manager: Killara Golf Club)

New Hires Indicate Rapid Growth

Capillary Concrete, as a global powerhouse in bunker & turf managment, has hired on four new members to meet the growing demands of the industry. These new hires will be able to boost the Sales and Marketing departments to new heights.

Greg Nichols – National Sales & Installation Manager
Scott Grego – Sales & Installation Manager

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