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Vaquero Club Texas US

Editorial Team
Vaquero Club Texas US
October 16, 2015


It was a beautiful Monday in Texas to install Capillary Concrete at Vaquero Club. Andrew Green from A.H. Green Design reworked the short game area and we were selected as the bunker product of choice.
In the photos you will see that we rolled the sod back so we can install the Capillary Concrete against the soil. After it dries, the sod will be laid back over the edge and trimmed to fit. A subsurface drip system will also be installed on the greenside slope.
Superintendent Matt Weitz really has this place dialed in. What a place-Just excellent!

Vaquero Club Texas 1
Vaquero Club Texas 2
Vaquero Club Texas 3

The result is beautiful

Vaquero Club Texas 4
Vaquero Club Texas 5

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