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What is Capillary Equestrian?

Editorial Team
What is Capillary Equestrian?
July 14, 2021

Wellington, FL

Capillary Equestrian has revolutionized arena building by introducing their patented system, Capillary Concrete. Capillary Concrete is the world-leader in the golf industry.  It can be found on most of the world’s top golf courses as a system for constructing high-end sand bases.It has been tested for many years in. the harshest climates and proved to be superior to any other materials.

Now introduced to the equestrian industry, the system provides the best of both worlds, drainage like an all-weather ring and supplying moisture from below, eliminating the need for sprinklers and producing a consistent and safe surface.

Capillary Concrete, a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete, is the only building material that can move water both up and down to precisely regulate the moisture of any adjacent material, such as sand or soil.

Our Capillary Flow system is one of the most advanced systems we have to offer. This unique sub-surface irrigation technology also replaces unsightly sprinklers that are prone to failures. Our irrigation system is set on a timer to keep the moisture levels in your arena consistent. This is a huge factor when it comes to the safety and biomechanics of your horse.

A quality arena equipped with top safety features is our priority, build your dream arena today.

Meet our Construction Manager

Who are you and how did you get into arena building?

Hello, my Name is Nick Bruce. I started in the arena building industry when my dad hired me back in 2009, he had his own business. Formerly known as “Equestrian Footing services”. My father and I serviced the majority of the Wellington area. We have built over 100 Riso arenas over the years as well as all weather arenas.

What is your favorite machine?

My favorite machine to operate is the skid steer. It’s reliable, durable and very convenient to use on every job. It was the first machine I ever used and it’s also the machine I am best on.

What is your favorite part about building arenas?

My favorite part about building arenas is the satisfaction the client gets when they ride on our arena. I also enjoy growing with these clients and horses over the years. It’s nice to build a relationship with each client and to always learn different perspectives on each arena that is catered towards that specific client and horse.

What are you goals for 2022?

My goal this year is to install and sell as much of our CapillaryFlow arenas to clients. Capillary Concrete is new to the arena building industry, but it is a leading bunker liner for drainage on golf courses all over the world. This product helps make our arenas superior to any other, drainage that is unbeatable, while still maintaining even moisture levels. Also to insure the satisfaction of every customer and fulfill their needs to whatever they need for their arena. My dad had a great relationship with each and every client and was liked by all, I want to continue in his footsteps.

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