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CGSA Winter 2024

Meet us at CGSA Winter Conference 2024!

Montreal, QC

February 1, 2024


February 4, 2024


Niklas Svantesson

Sales & Installations Manager, Canada

David Hardesty

Head of Sales, US & Canada


We are thrilled to attend CGSA Winter 2024! 

About the Event

The CGSA (Canadian Golf Superintendents Association) Winter Conference is an annual event that brings together golf industry professionals, superintendents, and suppliers in Canada. It provides a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing the latest advancements in golf course management.

Previous venues for the CGSA Winter Conference have included the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in British Columbia (2023) and the Westin in Ottawa, Ontario (2020).

For the year 2024, the CGSA Winter Conference is scheduled to take place in Montreal, Quebec, from February 27 to 29 The event will be held at the Hotel Bonaventure in partnership with the Quebec Golf Superintendents Association. The exact conference program and registration details will be announced closer to the event, typically in the fall of the preceding year.

The CGSA Winter Conference provides an opportunity to meet and connect with professionals involved in golf course management, including golf course superintendents, industry suppliers, and experts in the field. The event attracts individuals and organizations looking to enhance their knowledge, discover new products and services, and build relationships within the Canadian golf industry.

Please note that the provided information is based on the context given and the available internet sources. For more specific and up-to-date details about the CGSA Winter Conference, it is advisable to visit the official website of the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

Our Presentation

We will be showcasing our latest solutions, aimed at enhancing the golf experience. Our offerings include the patented Capillary Wash Box, Capillary Edge, Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Geothermal, Capillary Hydroponics, and how they all blend together the perfect golf course experience. Learn more about each product below.

Book a Meeting

Interested in a one-on-one discussion? We'd love to dive deeper into how our solutions can meet your needs. Schedule a meeting with us further below or drop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you!

About CGSAA Canada

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) is a society committed to promoting excellence in golf course management and environmental responsibility through the continuing professional development of its members. The CGSA currently represents approximately 1,000 members who are golf course superintendents, assistant superintendents, equipment technicians, and others involved in golf course management across Canada.

The association was established in 1987 with the introduction of the Master Superintendent® accreditation program, further evolving with the development of the National Occupational Standards in 1998, which identified 52 competencies that a superintendent should possess.