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Grow stronger and more durable grass for an improved performance

The Capillary Hydroponics system enables growth of turfgrass with properties to detailed specifications. The grass is stronger and more durable with significantly less maintenance and environmental impact

Big Cedar Lodge, Top of the Rock, Ridgedale, Missouri


Enjoy greens with stronger grass that grows to specifications of desired playing conditions


Build tee boxes with stronger grass, greater wear tolerance and less maintenance


Superior drainage capability and subsurface irrigation allows for fairways that can perform superbly in any weather conditions without demanding high irrigation amounts.


Grass rooted to perfection

The Capillary Hydroponics system is efficient and ensures that the grass grows stronger with deeper roots, providing outstanding wear-, shade-, disease-, drought- and heat stress-tolerance, excellent tensile strength and faster establishment.

Extended growing season
Healthier grass
Grows in harsh conditions
Lower need for aeration
Less prone to divots
Halved grow-in time
Ozarks National

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri

Increase bunker sand lifecycle

Sand grown grass

Grow grass in sand instead of soil

Using sand enables better drainage and acts as a natural biofilter

Subsurface irrigation and a greater gas-exchange in root zones enables grass to grow strong in sand. Using a sand layer as growing medium will support drainage and aeration, which provide more oxygen and dissolve nutrients better, both distributed from the moving water table used to mimic a natural ebb and flow system.

how it works

Using an automatically fertilized and oxygenated moving water table to grow stronger grass

With the help of a solar-powered airlift pump water is circulated on a set interval between two basins on opposite halves of a turf. Through capillary action water moves back into the root-zone and forces carbon dioxide out of the growing media through displacement, and inversely draws oxygen back into the soil as the water recedes. 

This ensures the grass can grow stronger, minimizes wasted water and helps to evenly distribute fertilizers and pesticides from the basins into the turf, with virtually no leaching into the environment.

         Capillary Hydroponics Turf System      

Cost of maintenance is significantly less

Compared to regular turf maintenance Capillary Hydroponics occupy less resources in maintenance.

Durable courses all year round, with decreased maintenance cost and 85% less water consumption
85% reduction in water consumption

Up to 85 % less water consumption

Use nearly 50% less fertilizers with Capillary Hydroponics

Up to 50% less fertilizers and pesticides

Automated watering and maintenance

Why Capillary Hydroponics?

Rapid establishment and reduced grow-in time

Stronger grass with deeper root zones

Using sand, an open growing medium, provides enough root zone porosity for grass to grow strong rapidly. Subsurface irrigation and a moving water table increases the oxygen-gas exchange for an improved growth.

Less environmental impact

No leaching of pesticides and fertilizers

By using subsurface irrigation and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides in the water there is no leaching of harmful substances or microplastics into adjacent soil, surrounding water streams or ground water.

Works anywhere

Almost any soil or sand profile

The Capillary Material keeps the ground base levelled regardless of the ground profile it is installed on - avoiding migration of particles and settling of the ground. The moving water table makes sure grass grows strong in any sand.

Consistent playing conditions

Choose the performance and characteristics you prefer

Using a moving water table with set intervals you choose the characteristics you want for the tee, green or fairway, be it fast, slow, firm or soft.

Heating from the ground up


Heating from the ground up for an extended season

By circulating the water in the moving water table before distribution, it automatically heats up the water and by extension, the ground. Additionally, using the stored solar-energy in the sub-soil, the temperature in the root-zone can be raised in winter and cooled in summer.

Less winter damage
Extended season
Solar powered
Total DRAINAGE control

Consistent playing conditions throughout wet weather

Because Capillary Hydroponics allows the grass to be grown in a very open medium, the drainage capabilities are superior compared to soil-grown grass.

Capillary Hydroponics System Diagram
Capillary Geothermal

Stockholm GK, Sweden


Irrigating from below optimizes growth

The Capillary Material enables the use of an open growing medium and moves water and nutrients against gravity at the bottom of the rootzone as a result of which the grass develops deep roots. Simultaneously it creates a firmer and drier surface which leads to reduced weeds and disease pressure.

Reduces evaporation, water loss and water consumption by up to 85%
Choose moisture level depending on desired playing conditions
Consistent ground conditions
Virtually no leaching of fertilizers and pesticides
Less surface water

Capillary drainage for greens

A golf course green drainage systems that works

The Capillary Material offers passive capillary drainage by using sand instead of soil in root zones and a patented hydraulic geostructure with pervious concrete that enables rapid drainage and also moving water up, fertilizing and watering the turf from below. Compared to other golf course green drainage systems the grass grows stronger but still drains even better.

Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass
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