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Golf Business TechCon 2023

CapillaryFlow will be presenting our groundbreaking Capillary Hydroponics at the Golf Business TechCon 2023!

Las Vegas, NV

October 10, 2023


October 11, 2023


David Hardesty

Head of Sales, US & Canada

Scott Grego

Sales & Installation Manager, West U.S. & CaSA


We are thrilled to attend Golf Business TechCon 2023!

About the event
Golf Business TechCon 2023, brought to you by NGCOA, is an event focused on educating golf business owners, operators, and management companies about emerging technologies that can revolutionize golf businesses. This conference takes place in various locations each year, and the 2023 edition is scheduled at the Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas. The TechCon features educational sessions, sponsor demonstrations, and networking events, offering participants a chance to understand and engage with golf technologies and meet industry decision makers.

The Vdara Hotel & Spa, located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, is renowned for its modern amenities, excellent service, and stylish setting, making it a fitting venue for this industry-leading conference. Although specific dates have not been provided, a snippet from the TechCon site suggests the event occurs in October.

At the TechCon, attendees can expect to network with golf course owners, operators, and other professionals aiming to take their businesses to the next level through the integration of tech solutions. With its focus on operational efficiency and enhancing the golf experience, TechCon 2023 is a must-attend event for individuals and organizations aiming to leverage technology for golf business growth.

Our Presentation

We will be showcasing our latest solutions, aimed at enhancing the golf experience. Our offerings include the patented Capillary Wash Box, Capillary Edge, Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Geothermal, Capillary Hydroponics, and how they all blend together the perfect golf course experience. Learn more about each product below.

Book a Meeting

Interested in a one-on-one discussion? We'd love to dive deeper into how our solutions can meet your needs. Schedule a meeting with us further below or drop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you!


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