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With 400,000 maintenance hours and lots of water saved, CapillaryFlow had an amazing 2023!

Editorial Team
With 400,000 maintenance hours and lots of water saved, CapillaryFlow had an amazing 2023!
February 6, 2024

Wellington, FL and Gothenburg, Sweden

What a year! 

As we dive head first into an exciting 2024, we couldn’t help but look back at all the amazing moments we got to share with our partners, customers and team in the year gone by. Here are some of our proudest and most memorable moments in 2023.

2023 wrapped: We helped more venues than ever before

  • We have successfully incorporated our bunker protection system in 247 new golf courses across the world, expanding the list of courses that now benefit from our advanced drainage and moisture control system for golf course bunkers. The installation of Capillary Bunker liners in these courses will save maintenance crews up to 400,000 hours, allowing them to spend that time perfecting the rest of the course instead of raking bunkers repeatedly.
  • In total, we have shipped an impressive 35,000 cubic yards of our proprietary Capillary Material, a patented and engineered polymer-based cement. This means that approximately 130 acres of bunkers have been lined with Capillary Material, covering an area roughly equivalent to that of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., or twice the size of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California! 
  • This year, our equestrian team has been hard at work too, leading the way with hundreds of thousands of square feet of new installations, including fitting the world's largest grass derby field with Capillary Hydroponics subsurface irrigation and drainage system. This will save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water in that field alone every year.

Brand Evolution: From Capillary Concrete to CapillaryFlow, we made a stunning transformation 

Last year, the company underwent a total rebranding, transforming into CapillaryFlow from Capillary Concrete, ushering in a new era for our company. This new name reflects the unique properties of our patented Capillary Material, which serves as the foundation for all our solutions.

Capillary Material, a patented and engineered polymer-based cement, is the only building material that can move water both up and down to precisely regulate the moisture content of any adjacent material, such as sand or soil. It plays a crucial role in various CapillaryFlow solutions, including Capillary Bunkers, Capillary Hydroponics, and Capillary Geothermal.

Ryder Cup 2023 – What a highlight! 

Ask any member of the CapillaryFlow team what the highlight of their year was, and the response will most certainly be: 'The Ryder Cup!' 

Witnessing the world’s golfing top players navigate bunkers we helped construct (with the invaluable support of Golf Course Superintendent Lara Arias and Director of Agronomy Alejandro Reyes) at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club near Rome, Italy, was an amazing experience. Meeting fellow friends and industry colleagues at the tournament added to the richness of this memorable occasion that we will cherish for a long time.

Marco Simone, Rome, Italy

Restaurant Baja in Rome, with friends, colleagues and partners

Exciting renovations & reopenings: Breakers West CC and Ayla Golf Club

In 2023, the Breakers Rees Jones® Course at Breakers West Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, underwent a grand reopening after renowned golf architect Rees Jones, after whom the golf club is named, completely redesigned it. We had the opportunity to line all bunkers with our Capillary Bunker Liner Protection system.

Photo courtesy of The Breakers, West Palm Beach, Florida

Ayla Golf Club in Aqaba, Jordan, underwent an exciting overhaul, introducing new CapillaryFlow bunkers as part of its endeavor to become the premier destination for golf in the country. As the first installation in Jordan, CapillaryFlow is looking forward to become the first choice for bunker protection system for golf clubs in Jordan.

Ayla Golf Club in Aqaba, Jordan

Stunning new courses: Erbil Hills and Panther National

We take immense pride in being part of two greenfield projects: Panther National and Erbil Hills. Constructing new courses is a remarkable feat — one that the teams should be immensely proud of. Kudos!

  1. Erbil Hills Golf Club, located in Iraq, is the first golf course in Iraq to feature a world-class 18-hole championship course. Designed by renowned architects Dye Designs, it features bunkers constructed using innovative Capillary Flow bunker liner technology, with construction well underway. The full 18-hole course is set to debut in Q4 2024. We can't help but feel proud of our contribution to bringing golf to this region. 🙌
Erbil Hills before sand was put into bunkers
  1. No one has likely missed the Jack Nicklaus and Justin Thomas-designed Panther National course — the first new course in the Florida region in at least 20 years. Collaborating with the Heritage Links team to line the bunkers with CapillaryFlow bunker liner technology and witnessing the course come to life brought immense joy to all of us. 🏌️

New additions to Team CapillaryFlow 

During the year we had the pleasure of welcoming new team members who were super excited to be part of our accelerated growth journey. It’s great to see how quickly they learned the ropes and have become an integral part of the team. Learn more here

New products and exciting improvements

At CapillaryFlow, innovation is at the core of what we do is woven into the fabric of our operations. Our motto has always been to provide the best products in the industry, as they stand the test of time. This commitment drives us to consistently strive for innovation. With a rapidly growing number of installations, we view customer feedback as an invaluable resource, transforming it into actionable insights for continuous product improvements.

In 2023, we made these strategic updates across platforms to further enhance our solutions:

Capillary Edge: We revamped the Capillary Edge model, to better align with bunkers visually and be easier to install, as well. 

FlowTrack: We developed FlowTrack, our proprietary IoT moisture control system, providing customers with precise control for optimal moisture management.

Capillary Wash Box playability optimization: Exploring the capabilities of the Wash Box revealed to us new ways to alter sand playability. This insight now guides our recommendations for bunker sand depths.

Capillary Hydroponic System: Significant upgrades were made to the Capillary Hydroponic System, ensuring more efficient water usage through optimized irrigation practices.

Equestrian solutions: Capillary Equestrian's irrigation and drainage system underwent a significant update. By pushing oxygen into the footing sand, we've successfully mitigated the risk of the black layer, resulting in a safer and more resilient high-performing surface. 

Growth of in-house production fleet: To be able to handle the vast demand for our products and solutions, we have expanded our fleet of trucks and mobile plants. Meet Gertrud, our latest addition!

Our industry-leading performance guarantee

In June, CapillaryFlow was happy to announce an improved structural and drainage performance guarantee. Extending it from the already industry-leading 10 years to 15 years is a testament to our confidence that we have the best product in the market for controlling moisture and playability in golf course bunkers. The 15-year performance guarantee applies to new CapillaryFlow installations. For existing installations, retrofitting the Capillary Wash Box will extend the existing guarantee by an additional five years. We’d like to remind you that this performance guarantee is unique within the industry as it does not diminish over time, unlike that of our competitors.

We are immensely proud to have achieved all of the above and much more in just a year. We can’t wait to witness continued growth and excellence with our partners and customers in 2024. Upwards and onwards!


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CapillaryFlow makes it possible to design baseball fields that are able to withstand tough playing conditions as well as ensure a healthy game experience for players.

Capillary Bunkers

Our proprietary Capillary Material makes it possible to have a bunker liner that rapidly drain while also retaining adequate sand moisture, creating the perfect playing conditions in golf course bunkers.

Capillary Edge

Use a durable bunker edge that molds and bends to any shape to ensure exact original bunker shapes throughout your bunkers’ lifetime, with no soil that ever escapes into the bunker sand

Geothermal heating icon

Capillary Geothermal

Capillary Geothermal distributes an even heat regardless of ground profile and let grass grow and sports be played for longer throughout the season.

Capillary Hydroponics grass icon

Capillary Hydroponics

The Capillary Hydroponics system enables us to grow strong and durable grass with significantly less maintenance and environmental impact


Optimal riding conditions in any weather by providing a ground material technology  offering superior drainage capacity and enabling use of subsurface moisture control - for the optimal footing


Capillary Hydroponic turf lengthens the season with natural strong grass that stays healthier even with a busy schedule


From pristine golf bunkers to precisely trimmed golf greens, our proprietary solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Green Cities

Our Capillary Hydroponics solution turns hardscaped surfaces into breathable, living spaces that augment the positive effects of greenery in urban environments.

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