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Equestrian grass arena maintenance

Equestrian grass arena maintenance

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Moisture control

With the Capillary Hydroponics system, due to moisture sensors in the sand, you can easily change the moisture level through an app on your phone. 

The system will collect rain water and store it for future use, which will safe water consumption.

Fertilizer and weed control

Both fertilizer and weed control are poured into the basin and mixed with the subsurface irrigation. This should be done about 6 times a year.


To keep Consistent quality of your arena we recommend a robotic mower who cuts the grass during the night. This way there will be no extra labor costs or disruption to training the horse. 

Leaf and feces removal

With our recommended robotic mower from Husqvarna you do not have to worry about leaves on the arena, the mower cuts up the leaves at the same time as it´s mowing the grass.  

It is important to constantly keep the grass arena clean from horse feces, to prevent the mower from getting stuck.  

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