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Equestrian Sand arenas maintenance

Equestrian Sand arenas maintenance

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Even though you now have the best and safest sand arena there is on the market, there are some practices and maintenance procedures that need to be followed.

Moisture control

With the Capillary Flow system, due to moisture sensors in the sand, you can easily change the moisture level through an app on your phone. Set the percentage of moisture in the sand in addition to your liking and the discipline you want to perform with your horse.

Groom the arena‍

Even if you now have the best drainage and irrigation system there is, you need to groom your arena with a drag.

How often you do this depends on the wear and tear on the arena and the number of horses that use it. We recommend that you groom your arena at least three times a week to maintain the high quality.

Capillary Wash- Box 

 For the sand to maintain its quality for a long time, it is important to keep the sand clean.

With our patent pending Wash-Box the sand can be easily washed & disinfected to remove algae and organic material. This will increase the lifespan of your arena’s sand enormously. The Wash-Box will also remove the smallest sand particles called slit and clay. Slit is particles from 0.05 down to 0.002 mm in diameter and clay particles are smaller than 0.002 mm in diameter. These particles occur from bigger particles wears down to smaller pieces. A larger percentage of these smaller particles will affect the footing’s quality and properties, and are often the reason to why drainage normally fails in time. 

You can learn more about the Wash Box here.

Sand refill

With a perfectly moist arena, the loss of sand is much less than a dry one. You may still need to refill the arena with new sand after a few years to maintain the proper sand depth.

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