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Capillary Hydroponics

Build sustainable, beautiful, high performing bunkers, greens & arenas

With Capillary Hydroponics, the future of sport fields, grounds, arenas and urban spaces is here

Build sustainable, beautiful, high performing bunkers, greens & arenas
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Proven. Patented. Sustainable.

Performance like no other

Sports grounds and arenas

CapillaryFlow solutions make it possible to build sports grounds and arenas that perform consistently. With minimal maintenance and 85% less water consumption they have a more sustainable environmental impact.

Ozarks National

Big Cedar Lodge, Missouri


From pristine golf bunkers to precisely trimmed golf greens, our proprietary solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

CapillaryFlow Equestrian Show Jumping Arenas

Grass arenas grown in sand


Be it grass or sand, with superior drainage and irrigation controls our CapillaryFlow solutions make it possible to build and maintain some of the best arena footings in the world.


Baseball pitch and fields with Capillary Hydroponics and Material


American football

American Football

American Football natural turf
Vision of Gothenburg Central Station with Grass

Vision: Gothenburg, Central Station, Sweden


We make green cities possible

Our Capillary Hydroponics solution turns hardscaped surfaces into breathable, living spaces that augment the positive effects of greenery in urban environments. 

Binds air pollution
Lowers noise
Lowers temperature
Decreases flooding
case studies

Trusted by some of the world’s best golf courses, horse arenas and cities

Marrakech, Morocco

Royal Golf de Marrakech

Kevinge, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Golfklubb

The course’s 92 bunkers will be restored to match early photographs

Wellington, Florida

IDA Farm

Earlier, strong winds used to cause overhead irrigation heads to break, which led to the ground being watered unevenly. We also got complaints about the footing from customers who rent stalls. I was also always aware of how the wind was blowing and constantly checking to see if the footing was moist enough.

Wellington, Florida

Flying Cow Stables

Before the CapillaryFlow system was installed, it was very important to the farm owner to not install an irrigation system that was heavily computer based because that kind of system easily breaks in thunderstorms, and we get a lot of them in Wellington.

Horshoe Bay, Texas

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Two out of Four Courses installed with Capillary Bunkers, Apple Rock and Summit Rock from 2018. The additional courses will be installed in the future.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Mountain Golf Club 7

Four out of seven courses installed between 2017 and 2019 (Apache, Renegade, Chiricahua and No. 7)

Silvas, Illinois

TPC Deere Run

Noblesville, Indiana

The Sagamore Club

3,5 acres of bunkers on the course

Norwalk, Iowa

Echo Valley Country Club

All three courses completed between October2021 and October 2022 (Vale, Ridge, & Creek)

San Martin, California

Cordevalle Golf Club

188,000square feet of bunkers (4.3 acres)

The magic formula


High performance grass or top quality sand surfaces

CapillaryFlow solutions make it possible to build world-class surfaces, be it healthy turfgrass, sand arenas or golf bunkers, ensuring they stay looking beautiful longer.


Perfect moisture control with CapillaryFlow

Precisely move the right amount of water up or down through the layer of Capillary Material using gravity and capillary action. This ensures the sand stays perfectly hydrated and aerated as per your requirements, or makes it possible to grow healthy deep rooted grass.


Faster drainage and better oxygen exchange

The Capillary Material has larger macro-pores and small meso-pores in the binding agent, enabling both great drainage and capillary action which means no more sitting water in courses, golf bunkers, arenas, plazas or parks. 


Subsurface irrigation optimizes growth

Moving water and nutrients from below gives sand and soil the right consistency, aeration and conditions to grow healthy grass with deep roots.


Heating from the ground up

The system uses the sub-soil’s moderate temperatures to heat up or cool down temperatures in the root-zone, making it possible to grow healthy grass all year round.

Over 1000 installations globally

Over 1000 installations globally

15 year guarantee

85% reduction in water consumption

85% reduction in water consumption

Lower environmental impact

Lower environmental impact

Better for people & animals

Better for people & animals

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